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         BE AWARE!!!

So you think Airbnb has your back when damage is done to your place?

It does not!


I have been part of Airbnb since 2012. I have been a Superhost for years. I have had little things break, but have never put in a claim.

Earlier this month, I had a person who (somehow?) broke a six light track lighting system that will cost about $250 to replace. I tried a number of times to deal directly with this person to no avail.

I contacted Airbnb within it's time frame parameters, to help me recover the replacement cost and so I put in for a $160.00 claim.

I sent all documentation complete with pictures, explaination and went to the store itself, to show the actual amount to replace this fixture. I was willing to absorb the upcost for the light and the price of an electrician to replace it.


Finally after 3 WEEKS of sending and resending all of the same info, I finally got their resolution.

Last evening Airbnb decided $25.00 was all I was entitled to. 



$1,000,000 Host Guarantee
The Host Guarantee protects your home and your stuff from accidental damage. Every host with a listing on Airbnb is eligible for coverage at no additional cost. You don’t have to do anything to sign up.
Host Protection Insurance
Host Protection Insurance is designed to protect you from liability in case your guests get hurt or cause property damage. It’s automatically included as part of your Airbnb account.

So again, Be aware of how this company treats their life blood.


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I'm having the same experience with Airbnb. Found confirmed meth in my house, sent copies of police report damages to my brand new kitchen sink that they disfigured while burning their meth, and that I had to have my walls and cabinets wiped down by the cleaning lady. I have contacted Airbnb on numerous occasions with no success. I,m leaving the Airbnb community and just lease the apartment where I can vet my renters. I do not know how to file a case. Unfortunately these were my first guest.

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My guest poured full cans of milk and juice intentionally and wrote with markers all over. Trying to file a claim but Airbnb is very slow. How can I get help.  Thanks. 

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Hello to everyone with similar grievances, my name is frances ferdinand and I along with my team of lawyers will be filling a class action lawsuit against bnb for their lack of property damage payouts.  New or old if you are interested please email Please begin to gather all documents pertaining to your situation. Also note these cases can take 1-3 years to settle . Like many of you I rent out my home with the hopes that whomever stays will respect it and if damage is done to be compensated. The only way to bring about change is to act,  again I encourage you to reach out and email 


thank you 

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I have had a similar experience. A guest did not use the curtain while showering and flooded the bathroom. The hardwood floors buckled and water leaked to the floor below. I have a quote equaling $18,000 to replace the wood floors (all continuous on the floor of the bathroom, as it is a loft) and have not heard anything. I am taking Airbnb to small claims - this is of course exactly what they want because it is cheaper than upping their insurance costs and will end up less of a pay out then paying out of their Property Damage Guarantee. I will never host with Airbnb and will continue to slander them by word of mouth because they really screwed me over. Terrible customer service. See you in court Airbnb! I am waiting until a class action is filed..

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I am at the very beginning of filing one your situation can help ! 

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One thing for sure my Dad welcome guest does a walk through and tells the guest respect my house my house respect you pluse he cheack the front of the house pluse hallway for safty reason 

 you and me all of us have to be responsible of our product 

cheack your guest from time to time to see if everything is all right see if they go out a lot then you all right then if they don't go out a lot then cheack to see if everything is right you know what I mean

A recent guest involved in NYC media and government basically let me know that airbnb is a part of that whole structure and we only get guests decided by airbnb which can end at any time and that my listings aren't being shown to everyone. 


There's really nothing I can do about it.  And in my case, many of the guests are wearing clothes that cost more than my sofa or even ALL of my furniture total.   What can you do?  If airbnb decides to suspend my account and I have no guests, I'll just enjoy painting the whole apartment SUPER girly and try to use the natural sunlight streaming in through 22 windows to offset the electricity that Con Edison may turn off as they have in past (and forced us to get a licensed electrician to turn back on and not for nonpayment - they claimed it was necessary until after we had paid the electrician and then said oh our mistake  - very cruel).

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also maybe a warning to not rent to Airbnb's without positive reviews?

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Same! I had the same horrible experience with Airbnb. 

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Thankful for this thread because Airbnb Help on Twitter responds in under 5 minutes!!! Love that team.

On the other hand the actual people handling cases only reply once a day and keep changing...

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To read this is so disheartening 😞 I would have thought Airbnb is objective and if ever partial, partial to their hosts. Because why would a host want to bother with a claim and stress himself if it's not because of real damage. I cannot imagine how many hosts have suffered the same fate when all we really want is to receive fair compensation.


Is there any way to explain the situation better, like can they just call us instead of emailing back and forth?

When Airbnb mediates do they do so with the guest in the loop? Because my guests are still LYING about smoking even after i find butts in the unit and them agreeably leaving (citing a different issue as a cover up).





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Question for you all - anyone know if any other booking services offers some kind of protection like Airbnb's host porotection does, or suppose to?

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Agreed! I accrued a $1600 bill from the elevator company after my guest was jumping in it and it stopped. I filed claim and all documents to airbnb and they are still giving me the run around. Of course they are outsourcing their 

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If I stay in a hotel and create damage beyond normal wear and tear, the hotel would charge me.

why is Abnb so reluctant to stand behind its hosts?  


On this forum, I see two kinds of complaints....guests who are careless and ruin a couple of towels or a sheet, leave extra trash, scuff a wall, stop up the toilet or bugger a small appliance.  This is to be expected eventually as people are idiots.  To this I suggest hosts raise their prices enough to account for a couple of hundred dollars a year for repair or replacement.


The second kind of damage is out and out vandalism and the company should instantly have our backs. Hosts should not have to threaten the company; that makes a terrible relationship.  I dont know if it would help, but I would have a serious depost for a whole house and have the guest sign something when they arrive.


I wish we had the stats on this kind of abuse.  It cant be that common or people would not continue to rent their if it is one in xhundred thousand rentals  per year, Abnb should address it immediately....after all, they have the guest''s credit card.

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My take away from my experience and also reading others' experiences is you need video evidence.  I"m not willing to put a cam in a bedroom or bathroom but video is what they are after--with a time/date stamp.  If you rent your entire house, think of how many cameras you'd have to install to be able to catch every single move of someone.  I dunno.  I"ve had both great experience with Airbnb CS and bad.  It's a crapshoot.

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I agree totally.  I have been arduently working on trying to receive compensation when one of my groups did extensive damage to my house.  I filed a claim right away, like instructed.  Airbnb instructed me, at the last minute, that they had to receive a claim before the next guest arrived.  That was at 10:30 a.m. on a Friday, and I had guests arriving at noon.  Nonetheless, I managed to get the claim filed by @11 a.m. with initial material receipts, hoping to at least open a case and start a conversation with someone.  I have additional receipts now and have home depot coming to measure for a new kitchen countertop, as the guests flooded my kitchen ceiling and it came down through the ceiling on top of my butcher block countertop, causing it to crack and warp.  I fear that their policy is a farce, as I have not only NEVER received a call or an email in return to my initial claim.  Each time I call in, I tell them that I have time to hold but they say "they can't tie up the lines" and "no one is available in that department."  They've told me (4x now) that they would "make a note" to my file and have someone "reach out" to me.  The tell me they'll make a note to "expedite" my case.  The last woman I spoke to said she'd personally reach out to someone she knew in that department and try to get them to expedite my case.  I'm still waiting for someone to reach out to me.


Please also know that I called when I first became alarmed about this group, which was shortly after their arrival on a Friday evening.  I wanted to know how I could get them out of my house, but was discouraged from doing so and assured that "Airbnb has a 1 million dollar damage coverage policy."  After communicating with the group's contact person, asking them to remove the beer bongs from my expensive outdoor tables, I spent most of Friday night worrying and wide awake.  I felt helpless.  Airbnb offered no solution to that situation.  I would have preferred asking them to leave but got the impression that this wasn't an option and that "we would be compensated" for any losses should anything happen.  Sunday morning I got a text/message over my cell phone from the same guest/contact person saying the kitchen was 3:00 a.m.


I immediately called Airbnb.  I am not happy at all with the response thus far.  I had to immediately begin repairs, as I have guests booked every weekend and even through the weekdays through November.   I have had to use my Home Depot card as I do not have cash to pay for these repairs.  I am now told that these delays are a result of the hurricanes....??

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I went through a recent nightmare with almost 8k in damages and my home totally trashed. I was shoved around from dept to dept without a response for weeks, and when I finally did get a response, I got a very unempathetic person that said they wouldn't cover the damages..


This was our family home, my kids were in a hotel for days b/c we had cleaners in there literally for 4 days, 12 hours a day. It was a totaly dump! 


I finally got someone who would help and the whole situation resolved. 


My advice, post repetedly on social media with pictures asking for help. Finally I put up screenshots of the emails I was sending to local reporters. That was the only way I got a response was through twitter @airbnbhelp and going to local media.   

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ONG now in worried. I had a guest tear my pool liner back in July and I have submitted numerous receipts and photos if the damage. It's almost impossible to get photos from the bottom of a pool. Now they want documentation from the pool facility on how the liner was torn and the cost to replace it. It's over $1,500 not to include all the water we have to keep filling it with and the contestant addition of chemicals because we are booked. The pool is so he main reason guests want to come to our home

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Do you not have an umbrella policy for this kind of thing? Then get ABNB to pay the deductable.

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I had the same thing happen. Airbnb doesn't have the hosts back. They put you through a bunch of hurdles. Won't accept my contractor invoice. I am disgusted by Airbnb.