Finding a Cohost

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Naples, ID

Finding a Cohost

This may be listed elsewhere or on the website but I could not locate the info. How do you search for cohosts in a city? I need someone to help me.


Thank you.

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Leeuwarden, The Netherlands


There was a co-host marketplace within the Airbnb website, but it is recently closed by Airbnb.

So alternative way now is search via (local) social media or via a posting in this community.

Best regards, Emiel

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Richmond, VA

Trying to find out how to post in the community for a specific area, Richmond VA USA

There are two facebook groups for hosts here. "AIRBNB RVA" is for hosts in and around Richmond, Va. There is a larger group called the "Virginia Host Club for Short Term Rentals" that is for all Virginia hosts. I recommend joining both of these to keep updated on the changes in legislature and trends around Richmond. If you need specific help on something, you're welcome to reach out to me as well. I have been a superhost here in RVA for almost 2 years. 🙂

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Perth, United Kingdom

I would like a cohost for 3 months Dec to Feb 2020 near Fearnan, Aberfeldy

Hi there i live in aberfeldy and offer cleaning services around the area.

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United States

@Janice183Are you still looking for a co-host and if so where is the hosting residence located? I am interested in co-hosting in Northeast FL, DC, and northern VA, parts of MD

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Concord, MA

I am looking to find a long-term cohost in Concord, MA who can handle all booking, presentation, and turnover responsibilities for my airbnb as my outside work increases.  Profit-sharing potential.

Hi Bonnie, 


Are you still interested to hire a co-host?

Hi Bonnie, 


Are you still interested to hire a co-host?