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Hey guys, I am getting on here (the community forums) to warn all of my fellow hosts NOT to depend on AirBnB every paying you, or getting your guest to pay you, for ANY damage they cause, or losses you incur as a result of hosting someone. I recently had an absolute NIGHTMARE experince with a guest, which was the second worst experience I've had since I started hosting a year ago, but second only to the way in which AirBnB has handled the situation. I followed ALL of the procedures and rules, submitted the receipts and estimates for the damaged items and furnishings, and although AirBnB was in constant communication with me throughout the process, as soon as I submitted the documentation for payment, THEY'VE COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED ON ME!! I mean I can't even get them to answer an email about my situation! It's terrible. And I'm a SUPER HOST!!! I have literally never received a review that was less than 5 stars, in ANY category, EVER!! And continue to perform at that level for this ungrateful company, who btw was supposed to and has always assured me that my homes, the homes that i've invested tens of thousands of dollars in renovating and maintaining just to make AirBnB look so good, would be insured against exactly such an event. THINK AGAIN HOSTS!! AIRBNB DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU WHATSOEVER!! They've completely turned their backs on me. I've made countless attempts, after submitting the receipts and invoices, to contact them by phone at the number provided to super hosts, and they either tell me "someone will reach back out to you from the resolutions department within the next 24 hours", OR, "sorry, that's a differnt department that cannot be reached by phone so you need to send them an email". AGAIN!! And as I've mentioned, I've sent no less than 20 by now. ALL OF WHICH HAVE BEEN COMPLETELY IGNORED! Mind you i'm not talking about a few hundred dollars in damage here either. Not that I wouldn't want that paid for just the same. But the damage caused by this guest was so severe, the general contractors alone have quoted me anywhere from $6,000 to $10,000 to make the necessary repairs! Money I already spent to have all of this work done to the unit when I did the original renovations. It is also worth noting that I documented everything very carefully with pictures, detailed emails, messages to and from the guests (using the AirBnB messaging system, very important for you hosts to know, ALWAYS document your dialog with guests thru the app or website messenger) both during and after the guest's stay, but none of that seems to matter anymore. As soon as I submitted the required evidence of damage, and  more importantly the costs necessary to remedy the issue, AirBnB completely deserted me. It's absolutely abhorent that a company this large, who I've made so much money for in just the past year, not to mention surely helped grow their customer base given my stellar reviews (literally 100% 5 star reviews across the board for all of my listings, feel free to check), would outright ignore a host and essentially flip the bird to me when I've incurred thousands of dollars in losses as a result of one of THEIR guests they sent to stay in my home. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE ABOUT THIS! 

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Same happened to me (for a second time)  and am still out of pocket thousands. It took over a week for Airbnb to acknowledge my emails then another six weeks of smarmy/in sincere/ineffectual emails assuring me “ someone will reach out soon”. Despite a suite of photos, quotes and third party verification Airbnb “has decided to disengage from all future correspondence”. Guests who cause malicious and deliberate damage must be made to pay if not, Airbnb must be held accountable for compensation and to uphold their “host guarantee”. Watch this space....

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I just have my beautiful home destroyed by a guest who check out today.  This guest checked in on March 15 for 3 days then altered their booking to extend to 7 days. They failed to make a payment but Airbnb did not notify me until 4 days later. When I called Airbnb to know what to do, they did not take matter seriously even though I told them I was worried this guest could distroy my home. When I called later to ask Airbnb if the reservation could be canceled, they told me they were able to secure a payment and that the guest can complete their stay.  Yesterday I got a email from Airbnb that the guest still has not paid, I was chocked to hear that because i would have never let someone in my home if they have not made a full payment. 


This morning I called Airbnb several time regarding the issue and to ask what to to if the guest doesn’t checked out or if the guest distroy my home. All they say was to call back if any issue 


I came home this morning to find my door wide open, my home completely trashed, destroyed, and all TVs gone, they smocked all sort of substance abuse in my home. This is a nightmare. 


I called airbnb, to my big surprise, once I reported that my home was distroyed, Airbnb seems not to be willing to talk to me anymore and keeps saying they are trying to reach out to the guest and that someone will call me back. However it has been hours since I reported the issue but Airbnb has not called me back yet 


how can can a company do this to hosts?? This is inaccessible. I have a guest checking in tomorrow for an extended stay, I have no idea what to do!!


i don’t even know if I should report the home incident to the local police 


airbnb completely ignored me and just doesn’t care 

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I too am a 5 star solid super host.  Two guest trashed my place, had to repaint the walls and ceiling,  repair KitchenAid microwave/convection oven, smoked despite posted no smoking on promises  (horse farm) ran over landscaping,  threw sticky sugary powder  everywhere (including 1/2 think on top of cabinets staining bright green on walls, cabinets, and floors, ruined duvet and duvet cover.   Three weeks and still NO RESPONSE.   yes, submitted all required receipts pictures,  etc.  

This is disappointing beyond all. How can we as a community fox this?  WE ARE not alone, MANY have reported the same problem.  Unfortunately. to shoot down airbnb publicly also  shoots ourselves in the foot.  Sigh.  Wishing you all well out  there..


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Hello @Kim2627 


Sorry to hear you had such awful guests.


In your situation, I would be calling the customer rep dealing with your claim two or three times a day to chase up for a response.

I am curious because I am now in the middle of dealing with the exact same thing. Did you end up finding a resolution? 


yes, had to call every day for 4 weeks.  it was very cumbersome and the whole process was an incredible drain of time

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I feel your pain and agree ABB does not support the Hosts regarding documented damage!  My recent guest put a dent in my new LG Stainless French Door Refrigerator with repairs at $440.  I was reimbursed $74.68.  What??  Where did that figure come from?  Their Protective insurance is a joke.  To provide a bit of perspective to this horrible injustice, I'm also a 5 star Host and have been active since 2015, taking a couple of years off.  Back then the Host could require a damages deposit that the guest would have to agree to.  Twice I incurred damages.  The first time the guest reimbursed me $375 for spilling red wine on my sofa, walls and area rug agreeing to the deposit I required.  The second incident occurred the following year when a guest's son damaged my shower head and refused to pay the$250 plumber costs to repair.  I got the run around back then, but I lived close to headquarters in SF, so I walked through the front door and demanded to speak with the President or someone with authority who could help me.  I got immediate results and was paid by ABB the cost to repair my shower head.   Obviously it's not practical in most cases to resort to this type of muscle, but ABB should be ashamed of themselves for not supporting their Hosts as promised.   I've decided not to continue with ABB, in light of their lack of support for their guests and disengenuous communication.   I'm looking into small claims court here in Bend, OR, where this issue originated...If I had damages totaling yours, I would do the same!  Good Luck!