Host asking for passport copies

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Host asking for passport copies

Hi! I've used Airbnb a couple of times, and it's the first time my host asked me for the Passport copies. I'm hosted in Portugal and she said it's for paying taxes. I distrusted this information of her request because I always talked to my host in Portuguese and just this message was sent in English.


Anybody know if is it common ask passport information in Portugal? And is safe to provide this information?


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Hi everyone,


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"The Host may ask for ID upon check-in, if done in person and if the requirement is in the Host’s house rules at the time of booking or is required under applicable laws." 


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Whilst it might not be common practice to request copies of a guest's passport, a host has the right to determine what additional ID they would like the  guest to provide, so long as it’s clearly communicated to in their listing description/ rules or during conversation with the guest, after all it is their property.


I would suggest that if you are not happy with this additional request, that you choose a different accommodation/ host. I'm sure there are more that don't require copies of passport.


BW, Ama


Am now in hersig novi ..for the first time Airbnb host Ask me my passport she saus for registation tomorrow at the office  and i Give her. IT normal that Airbnb host Ask for passport ?


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Have not been to Portugal for some time but do not remember a need to show a passport when booking a room. Many many years ago you had to do that in France.


I would look elsewhere.


David as a host im afraid i have to agree with at least sighting of id. Not taking passports anywhere people have other id's. It is a deterrent agaist theft or any wrong doings in my house.

Its because you were staying in an ILLEGAL accommodation in Portugal . It is a legal requirement for hosts to enter the guests who stay overnight into the border control website. 

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You have to do this by law in Portugal if you are a host, see my post below.

Thank you 🙏🏿, I was looking 🔎 for such information as it is my first trip in Portugal 🇵🇹.

As long it is required by law and safe, there is not other options for everyone to comply. 🤷🏿‍♀️

Shame that the website doesn't give this kind informations, or maybe I didn't pay intention 😑.


Do we receive an email informing that personnal data have been deleted after the trip ?


Same in Italy, it is mandatory by law, and hosts risk to go to jail if they don't send document details and guests info via a special web service to the police office within 24hrs from arrival.

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Hello @Bruna-Ayako0, @Amaris0, @David126,


In Germany there is a law (Bundesmeldegesetz) which requires the following information from all guests - no matter if they are just tourists or on business travel - for all lodgings as hotels, guest houses, camping grounds, holiday apartments and also rooms inside private homes:


- full last name and first name

- home address

- date of birth

- nationality

- passport number


A copy of the passport only can be taken from the host, if the guest agrees, but the host has the right and the obligation to verify the passport and to check the number with the original document. After one year, all this information has to shredded.


I know, that there are some Airbnb and other private hosts who don't apply this law, but in case they get controled they need to pay hughe fines and also they may get an interdiction to rent out their space.


I am not involved in other European countries laws, but I could imagine that similar laws exist in one or the other country.

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@Ralf, interesting, that's good to know. That is not the case here in UK definitely not for private rooms or camping grounds; hotels ask for ID although it doesn’t have to be a passport. But still, a host would be within their right to request such ID if they wish.


Out of curiosity, I suppose a national ID card would suffice for Germany if it is a EU citizen? 


Thanks for sharing that information.


BW, Ama

@Amaris0, hello Ama


you are right, for european citizans national identity cards are suffiant. Private guests (familiy and friends without being charged for lodging) are not required to be registered unless their stay is more than 3 months. As far as I know any EU citizan can visit any other EU country up to 3 months, but several countries (Germany, Italy, Austria, ....) require registration even for short term visitors.


I just did a Google research for Austria, the law is similar to Germany, also private room guest have to be registered.


Best regards,


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I am a British citizen and have been asked to give my UK AIRbnb host my passport details before I can hire the room. Is this usual?


My partner is not keen on this and wants to know why, and also where this information will be stored and when it will be destroyed. 

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@Tracey251 it depends on the country where you try to book. In many countries in Europe it is a legal requirement. 

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We are in a similar situation.  We have been asked by a host in Italy to provide copies of passports for tourist tax registration.  I understand we need to register and pay the tax, I don't have a problem with that.  But I am very uncomfortable about sending copies of passports in advance via WhatsApp!


Have you travelled yet?  What did you do in the end?