How to ask for listing critique on the Community Center (Closed)

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How to ask for listing critique on the Community Center (Closed)


Hi everyone,


Welcome to the "Ask about your listing" board – I hope you’ve been finding lots of useful information, insights and advice from our community. One of the amazing things about this space is that those starting out on their Hosting journey can get a keen eye on their listing to work out those little niggles and considerations they may not have thought of just yet. We’re more than happy for you to share your listing for this purpose - here’s a guide on how you can do it in a way that makes it easier for your community to find and offer critique:


  • Start a conversation to create a topic.
  • Name your topic “Critique my listing - (your name and where you’re from)” for example “Critique my listing - Stephanie in London, UK”.
  • Include your favourite listing picture in the post. This makes the topic stand out more, gives viewers a sense of the type of listing you offer and means your Community Management team can more easily highlight it to the rest of the community.
  • Share something about what your trouble might be at this point in your journey. This might be a lack of bookings, missing house rules, or even your custom URL.
  • Finally, post a link to your listing and add the tag on the thread “listing feedback” and anything else you think is suitable, like the example below:



You can always ask any of your Community Management team myself, Quincy, Bhumika, Jenny, Breanna and Paula if you need help. And you can share a link to your Critique my listing topic in the comments section below too!


What’s your biggest worry with your listing at this point in your journey that you want help with?






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Please follow the Community Guidelines 

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Hello @Stephanie, I've tried to add a new post like this but I am receiveing the following error: Exception ID: 37FF74E2. What should I do?

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Community Manager
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Hiya @Paloma-Ana0 


Oh no! Is that when you hit to post or when you upload an image? 





Please follow the Community Guidelines 

It happened when I was trying to post my message, respectively creating a conversation.

I had the same problem trying to post a critique request. Airbnb, whasup?


I accessed your listing through your profile which I did by clicking on your name and it asked to see Airbnb Profile and there you can see a hosts listing, profile and all. If I can suggest : you are off to a great start with your reviews and your place looks so very clean and practical. I was confused about offering to 4 guests - since everything will be shared - are you trying to rent the living room to 1 - 2 guests Plus also offer the priv. bedroom King bed to 2 guests as well? Since you are sharing with folks I would keep it to only 2 guests - Max. because 4 guests plus yourself is much I would say. 

Or do I understand it wrong?  Make sure when you respond to Tag using  @ and my name Clara116 so that I will get notification if you decide to respond to my questions. Usually there will be a dropdown with names to assist. 

One other thing - I would add 2 more pillows standing up on the King sized bed and it will make the bed look more inviting and also a bedside table and a lamp - I love minimal but this is a little too sparse for many people. 

Make your listing clear by what you mean with what you offer - Do you live there, will you be there? 

My other thought and hope I am wrong -- Are you trying to rent to 2 different groups of guests at the same time?? If I am confused, others might just be as well. Hope you have amazing success, happy hosting. 

Blessings, Clara

@Clara116  can you critique my listing ? I saw that you did it by clicking his profile above and you gave some GREAT feedback. I’m BRAND BRAND new and literally am just learning as I go. We just posted listing today so I could use any pointers you may have! Also, the profile is Brett but my name is Mia, I’m managing for him. 

Thank you!


@Brett381 -- Mia ?? You asked me and I took a look and I like to offer feedback not critique....although what I'm gonna tell you is strong feedback. Start over - throw away those pictures.. from what I see I would not book this are critical.....they are blurry, don't look real and immediately I wondered are they copied so I'd doubt its a real listing and are not gonna bring bookings, what will be bringing bookings unfortunately, I'd guess is how terribly cheaply  its listed with a discount on top...just because its suggested by Airbnb doesn't mean you have to do it. Please don't do any 28day plus stays and esp in the beginning -most important thing is to get lots of good reviews and a long term stay will not do it and you are throwing money away doing that. plus you might get a squatter and then big trouble cause you'll have to evict them...after 27-28 nights they have renting you can't just call the police and throw them out. You have to go through the courts and it cost thousands of dollars and many months. Don't do it. 

Your place needs a name: not home away from home, everyone is writing that - a name with a special thought behind it.  please everything doesn't need to be brown - is brown a color??? Needs color/needs new photos/without color nothing pops.  Guests see color or clean bright white and click/ open/look/ and book......Also, you can put a bright color from the pic on the wall/vase, or throw or pillows and/or a large picture with nice color and it changes everything. Also, I don't see any text about the place?? and why allow dogs - can you get a cleaner after a dog to clean the place for $55?? surprising if you can.  

The basics of what you have are fine, like the king bed and kitchen but please take the towels out of the photos in the kitchen stove.  I'd do a 2 night minimum stay...I would not do IB instant booking - and I'd ask questions of those wanting to come and stay. 

All photos should be taken like they best work on the airbnb platform - not portrait but horizantally.  I'd suggest never write you live out of town but put that your local host (not property management) will be assisting any of your needs so please message on the Airbnb message thread/board.  

There is no info about where located, how far from .....what's UC/OC - people like me don't know what OC/ UC or other such mean so if you use it write out what it stands for. 

I'd suggest reading all you can on the airbnb help center - search topics and read, knowledge is king. Look at other rentals and see how many of us do it and see why places are on the first page when someone searches and not page 13. to start you will be up front but quickly you will move down. I say start over/ pause the listing, fix what's most important, pics/text/learn about the platform and then publish and start off on wonderful footing. 

I personally did over 4 long months of intense study before I hit the publish button and I got the first booking in 10mins. 

starting out on the best foot is always the best way to travel....happy hosting, hope any of this helps in the journey of host/co hosting!


@Clara116 this could be your second job! 😄


Wow great feedback!

Excellent feedback, @Clara116 , by reading it i was able to capture that you don’t recommend Instant booking, pets, longer stays and discounts , even though is recommended by airbnb to attract customers to stay in your units.  Thanks 🙏🏼 

Great information.

This was helpful to me. 

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