Makeup and how to stop people from using face cloths to remove mascarra

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Makeup and how to stop people from using face cloths to remove mascarra

Does anyone else encounter this problem of make up on your face cloths? 


I provide makeup remover and organic pads and personally check  guests in and point out that we provide these items yet they still use face cloths to remove makeup. 


It is a huge pain to treat the face cloths after they have been used to remove makeup and costs time and money as they have 2 be treated and washed 2x to get clean.  Any suggestions?  


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There is NOTHING you can do.  Some people are just **.  I too provide makeup wipes and special grey face washers for removing makeup.  I also have it in my house rules and remind guests at check in.  However, with a few notable exceptions, most women will still scrub off their slap with my pristine white washers and towels.  In less than 50% of instances is it possible to restore the towels to a 'guest ready' state.

I became so fed up with this that I once messaged a guest to ask why she had done this, given the availability of alternatives and the explicit mentions in both my House Rules and House Manual.   I was genuinely curious and asked her for suggestions on what I could possibly do to stop it from happening.  Needless to say, no constructive response was forthcoming and I instead found myself on the receiving end of a torrent of abuse.


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I agree, inexpensive towels is the way to go. I get mine through HostGPO and they're super cheap. Easier to put out brand new ones than try to discourage people or clean them. Also cheaper than those face wipes.

I priced out the cheapest washcloths I could find. 33 cents each, if you buy 4 cases (300 in a case).   The face wipes are 23 cents each, purchased at the warehouse store. $13.99 for 60.  They'll probably last me 3 months.  Having just written that, I found cheaper washcloths at $1.49 a dozen, or 12c each.  50 dozen, in a case, if I was ever going to buy that many.

But even operating a "value" listing, I think the face wipes are worth it - they leave a better impression. 

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Easy solution. Don't supply face cloths. Nobody expects these anymore. Hand towels yes! 

Exactly what I do!  I don’t provide white wash cloths!  I provide a black wash cloth that has “makeup” embroidered on it.