References: A Community Help Guide [UPDATE]

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References: A Community Help Guide [UPDATE]

Whether you are new to Airbnb or an experienced host, I recommend getting recommendations from friends, family, colleagues or past guests who might not have booked through Airbnb.  All you need is have your Facebook account attached to your Airbnb account, you can send requests via Facebook.


Here is a "How To" guide for getting references.  It is important to understand that in order to get a reference, the person referring you will need to already have or sign up for an Airbnb account.  When a person provides a reference, you have an opportunity to accept or decline the reference.


To get to your "References" section of your profile, go to "Profile" and then choose "References" from the left hand side menu.






Adding References Using Facebook



When adding Facebook friends, you can add them by selecting "Create Request" which will load a window where you can choose your Facbook friends and type in a message.  Once again, they will then need to sign up for an Airbnb account.  


You will also see a list of friends, and their Facebook profile photo, who already have Airbnb accounts.  For those friends, you just need to choose "Request" under their profile photo and they will receive a request for a reference. 




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I've actually tried to go through your steps (even though i'm not to happy about having to go through Facebook) and there is a break in the steps at the "Create Request" point.  It does not show up.  Or maybe there is a break before that as I also am have not seen any info on how to link FB to Airbnb and perhaps I need to do that step before I can create the request.  Do you have any steps on how to do that?

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it's gone. now you cannot ask for references any more, or find your facebook friends on airbnb.

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I don't see the same screen when I go to profile. I can't find reference tab.

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Can you please remove this whole topic! I have been searching and searching for weeks about these stupid references, and thought it was me i coundn't find them....NOw i read, somewhere in teh reactions  that the feature does not exist anymore. Thats really a shame especially for people who just started hosting and have no real reviews yet. 

Agreed. I just (re)joined Airbnb and it even told me during signup to create and ask for references, and I have been looking for a little while now for how to do that. Please change the signup process to not mention references, if that feature doesn't even exist.


Wait, it doesnt exist amymore? I just signed up and it sent me a notification to get References!! I've been searching and searching for how to do this!!! Ugghhh!