The 'accuracy' rating

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The 'accuracy' rating

Quite often I get a 4-star rating for 'accuracy'.  To avoid this I have tried to make my profile as comprehensible as possible.  All of the info I provide is correct in terms of size of flat, location, (and that it's in a multi-cultural area), the photos are real, and all the major sites walking distance have been taken from a popular internet map search.  I'm confused as to what guests see as inaccurate.  Has anyone had a similar problem?  Any tips?

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I've gotten 4 star accuracy ratings twice now.  Both times I have politely asked the guests what was amiss so that I can improve the accuracy of the listing.  In one case they "thought" there was an elevator and there is not.  They even admitted that they now realize that it wasn't in the listing.  So my listing was 100% accurate yet I am stuck with 4 stars.  Adding insult to injury, the reason they wanted the elevator was for the guest's elderly parents who came to stay for part of the stay (BUT they never asked about additional guests and so never had permission either).  I have since used up some of my precious 500 characters of listing description to clearly state there is NOT an elevator.  The 2nd case just happened and this time they "thought there was a grill on the deck".  There is ZERO mention of grills in my listing and no pictures of grills (in fact, the HOA does not even allow grills of any kind on the deck).  So again, my listing is 100% accurate yet I am stuck with 4 stars.  The same guest also called me at 1:00pm on check-in day saying that the code didn't work to unlock the door.  Apparently they also "thought" they could check in anytime instead of the clearly stated 4:00 check in time.  I gladly unlocked the door for them and let them check in early.  But I mention this to show a pattern with the guest not comprehending the listing and communications from the host (we are both native English speakers so language is not the problem).


I understand that some ratings are subjective (cleanliness, communication)....but accuracy seems like it is pretty objective....accuracy can be proven or not.  An earlier comment said that it should be "accuracy and completeness"....however, this won't help because to be "complete" I have to list everything that the property DOES NOT have which is impossible and ridiculous.   At this rate my listing description will be "Come stay at my condo with no elevator, no grill, no bidet, no raspberry vanilla scented soap, no butler, etc".


My recommendation?  If a guest selects anything but 5 stars for accuracy they should be forced to include, in writing, what was inaccurate.  Hopefully this will prompt them to go double check the listing before they make the claim.  Then, hosts should be able to contest this rating if they can prove that their listing is indeed accurate with respect to the guest's claim. This also makes it easier for hosts to quickly address legitimate inaccuracies!


All parties (hosts, guests and Airbnb) want accurate information.  So I understand the need for an accuracy measure.  But if the accuracy measure is, well, inaccurate, then it hurts everyone!

I also get quite a few 4 stars on accuracy ,and have no idea why . It is unethical to ask guests why , if they wanted to say it , they would 

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@Ray251 I think unethical is a bit strong word for this situation 🙂 It is completely fine to ask them, tell them that you need that info in order to improve. In the end you are not asking them whether they'll get married soon or how much they get paid, you are asking about your property. You will never know what is wrong unless you ask. 

I am also often confused as what guests see as inacurate or in complete. I have messaged them asking for some feedback but not one guest has answered me. I believe guests need to be accountable for their reviews and state what was inaccurate before the host is penalised. 

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It’s a bit of a farce really. Most people don’t even fully read the listing description, and certainly don’t refer back to it before making a rating. Accuracy is more factual and shouldn’t vary based on guests’ individual expectations. One way to make it better would be for a guest who gives a lower rating to be asked to identify which part of the listing information is inaccurate. But that would be too burdensome. Best to just accept that ratings will vary.

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I got accuracy rating around 4stars, they all came from US visitors. My Canadian customers are all gave me 5 stars.
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I have a similar issue. I'll join your post. Thanks, Keila

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I got a lower mark on on accuracy rating but dont know why. I got 5 stars on everything else. Im not sure what is amiss here? The photo is correct and so is everything else. Not sure why, and wish I knew what guest gave me that, then I could figure out why.

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I have been dinged on my "accuracy" rating just because a few guests have said  my photos of the place should be better as they don't represent how nice the place really is. So, I've got a lower rating now. I feel this is extremely unfair as my place is spotless, beautiful, 5 star rating, yet just because my pictures.....which by the way I think are really good...............aren't accurate enough....come on????

Having same issue! Two guests has given me 4 stars for accuracy and sent private msg by saying the place looks much better than the pictures. I just don't understand why they would give 4 stars if the place is better than the pics, shouldn't it be 5 stars???
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Do what others have said and politely ask guests where you can improve in the accuracy category. 


I'd love to know what they say. 


As a guest, the only reason I have even considered giving lower marks for accuracy is if furniture that appears pristine in the listing photos is actually run down. 

@Mike3 I have gathered from my previous feedback on the 'accuracy' rating that the guests not only want accuracy, but completeness. If there is anything about your listing that the guest isn't expecting, you'll take a hit. So even though everything in your listing is accurate, is it complete? PS, Airbnb ought to change the name to "Accurate & Complete".

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When I get a 4 star rating from a guest I know was happy with the stay, I send a quick message to them.  I explain that I try to ensure the best possible stay but that airbnb let me know of the lower score in a particular area.  And I ask them if they have any suggestions or general feedback they'd like to share with me so I can work to make the guest experience better in the future. 


Most of the time guests will respond, sometimes with helpful suggestions.  Others will provide suggestions that are, at least in my opinion, extremely nit picky or unrealistic.  Those are usually the people that probably should be staying in a hotel rather than an airbnb property.


I've gotten probably the best feedback from extended stay guests, since they really have a chance to live there.  For example, I swapped out curtains in the bedroom to black out curtains so those w/ odd schedules (like doctors) can sleep during the day. 


Hope this helps!

I have also messaged several guests asking the same question ie I am open to any suggestions you have to make my listing more accurate. Not one person has ever replied. I believe they do not read before booking and the host is then penalised.