Why the maximum number of guests on Airbnb is 16?

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Why the maximum number of guests on Airbnb is 16?

Why the maximum number of guests on Airbnb is 16? I have a House that hosts up to 30 guests and would like to set as well on the site.

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You can state that in your description along with the amount extra (if any) per person over the 16 max.  Then when guests say they have 20 guests, you can send them a request for the additional funds through the Resolution Center.

True but the problem is that we are surely missing out on bookings. For example, my house sleeps 20 and the maximum I can input for maximum number of guests is 16+. When you pull up my house it says it can accomodate 16 guests even though we can do 20. When I search my area for anything over 16, my home does not show up but many others do show up. Some say 18 guests, some say 20, etc. How do THOSE show up as accomodating more than 16 but mine won't?


Aaaaand it complicates billing beause when booking on instant book, people can only select up to 16 (it says we only accomodate 16), so if someone instant books at 16, but says "hey we have 19" then I have to bill them more and that's awkard and upsets the guest.


I mean, for goodness sake, we've put a man on the moon, split the atom and broken the sound barrier. Why can't AirBnb fix this?

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In addition to @Cynthia-and-Chris1's advice there is another method that I personally prefer, namely making a change to the booking itself. This can be done before and while guests are there.

You may not be able to increase the no. of guests beyond 16, but the automatically calculated amount is overwriteable. Then in an accompanying message you outline exactly how you came to the calculation. Guest has to accept this.


Why I prefer this method to the Resolution Center?

Because you can only use the Res.Center once per booking. Means if you already used it to collect booking fees, then you'll be out of luck in case you need to collect damages later on.

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I agree entirely.  Why Airbnb restrict the maximum to 16 I just do not know.  There should be a facility for guests to enter the correct number of people staying.  Otherwise their quote is completely misleading

I agree!  I have a potential guest bringing 20 persons and got the quote for 16.  Now I am having to deal with them arguing that they want the house for the quote they received!  Probably will loose this booking.

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I’ve asked this question on the global q&a. Please vote for my question as it may actually get picked and answered! It’s only got 25 votes so far. Link is. https://pigeonhole.at/AIRBNB/q/103824
My question is
Can you please increase the maximum number of guests. It is unhelpful to guests that the maximum number they can search for is 16 and for hosts when calculating any additional guest charges Stephanie Ayres

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This. This is why.This. This is why.

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How is it possible to display more than 16 guests in the ad. I tried now with mine and I couldn't.

@Bruno161  You must be a property manager/management company with multiple listing over 6 at least most are well over that number of listings. They are given different options like over 16 guests, Super Strict 30 or 60 day cancellation policies, longer/more character titles for their listings, etc. 

Hi @Letti0 Thanks for the reply. I'm a property manager. I have 10 listings on Airbnb currently, and this option is not available to me.

Is your hosting profile listed as a property manager?  If not, that's your issue.

That is so incredibly unfair. And I found out unfortunately true. 

Yet again corporate America giving small businesses trying to make it with “only two” properties. I don’t even show up if you do a search for 17-20. I can host 20. It is such a shame and completely unfair. They told me to list it in my ad which it was but still pushes me out if people search for 17+. Vrbo’s platform far exceeds this and even with the yearly cost they are more pro-host and fair. I wish there was something that could be done  to make this fair. 


Totally agreed. This limiting from the Airbnb system continues to causing me a lot of trouble. I've already applied for the Airbnb support to alter that limit and the answer is always vague.