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    I recently had a guest who drank quite a bit and then tried to kiss me. This happened on two occassions over a week of his stay. The first time I was so shocked I just ducked his advance and left it at that. The second time I called his behaviour out... Latest reply by Mike-And-Jane0
    I've been splitting Airbnb earnings with my roommate. She's moving out at the end of December. When I go to file my taxes by April 15th, I'll be responsible for all the taxes since she obviously won't be there. Therefor, I wanted to know if anyone has an ... Latest reply by Stephanie
    Hi Everyone,I am Tim and I am about to list my property for rental. My girlfriend and I have another property which we are currently hosting together on a seperate account (her email address, and airbnb login)All fine and dandy - we both login to the sam... Latest reply by Stephanie
    I've encountered several instances where i've put my apartment up for rent and after some research it becomes apparant that some last-minute bookings are being made by prostitutes. I've come to this conclusion after cross-checking their stories and aski... Latest reply by Stephanie