my photo's are turned sideways -- why?

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my photo's are turned sideways -- why?

I just recently reviewed my listing and noticed 3 of my photo's are turned sideways!!  Does anyone know why this happened?   I know I didnt put them in that way.  

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Hi @Niko1,


I would think that the originals that you uploaded are sideways.  Sometimes if they are sideways, the computer will turn them the proper way when you are viewing them in a photo viewer.  I would check to make sure they are not the wrong way when you uploaded them.






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I know that for pictures that I took with my phone, holding the phone normal up/down, all the pictures uploaded to app sideways. Then I read that you have to take the pictures sideways or landscape, then upload them.


I'm afraid it's a bit of a crop/turn job on the photos to get them the right way.  You may have to go back to your original photo, edit it to the right direction and repost.   That's what I did and it worked.  I tend to use my laptop or a desktop for everything beyond quick replies on the phone.


It's a pain in the rear, but I tell you when I see all sideways pics (I know not what is happening in your case) in a listing, I always think  - amateurs.

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Open the original file in GIMP (you can download this free at It will detect if the image doesn't match the metadata and will fix it for you. Then just export to re-save the corrected image. You can then use these on your listing without it rotating them the wrong way.

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very weak that AIRbnb doesn't have a rotate widget on their upload app.  Most other sites such as do.

I agree - ALL online photo editing / handling have the ability to crop and rotate AT A MINIMUM.


Extremely weak this most basic photo feature is missing

I am having the same issue, can't seem to fix it, I have tried saving the photos i different editing programs but they still load sideways. Air Bnb needs to address this issue immediately.
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What worked for me was to open the photos in your computer's photo editor (I used Preview for Mac) and rotate the photo 90 degrees in any direction and then RETURN it back to its original position. Save the photo after and it should upload properly in Airbnb. A bit of a tedious process but definetely worth it!

Thank you, your tip worked for me!

Thank you so much! It worked also for me!!!

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I can't believe i am actually having this simple problem that i can't solve. Being an engineer myself, i honestly tried serveral options like you guys mentioned. I concluded that the website is by default doing the unwanted roation +90deg (clockwise). Unfortunately, the website is so advance that it doesn't even let me to counter the result by initially pre-rotated -90deg (counter clockwise) picture. I even rotated my photo upside down, saved as "new name", sent it to the phone. The website upload it side way in +90deg. Oh wait, i just thought of a fool proof mehtod....just turn my computer sideway. 

I just choose a different picture and it is not rotating like the other one. We'll never know...what really caused the rotation. Or I could be simply having a major brainfart. lol. oh well, we shouldn't get worked up on this. Life's too short. 

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I'm having the same issues. I've enhanced the lighting in a few of the ones I had already posted, and now as I try to upload them again, they are turned sideways. I've tried following all the suggestions here and nothing seems to be working. I've been at it for hours. This is ridiculous!!!! I won't even bother trying to get help from airbnb. I've tried contacting them before to no avail. No one ever calls after I have requested a call back. There is literally no one to contact....