Conversion fees on guest side

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กทม, Thailand

Conversion fees on guest side



AirBnb is not at all transparent as regards currencies.


When I book an apartement in Thailand, I first check the price in thai bahts then switch to euro, which is the currency of my bank account and credit card, when I book.


Does AirBnb charge conversion fees when I pay in euros ? No mention of it when I book with a price in euros.


I recently booked in Thailand and forgot to switch to euros, I will therefore be charged by my bank with 2,90 % conversion fees.


If AirBnb already includes conversion fees when I book in euros, may be it doesn't make much difference, but AirBnb is terrible as regards transparency.


I think they should ask for a confirmation when the booking currency is different from the default currency in my AirBnb account.






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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager
Toronto, Canada

Hello @Jean-Louis84 ,


You can find some information regarding currency conversion on Airbnb here : . I hope this article answers your query.



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