New thread on electric cars

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New thread on electric cars

I’ve read and commented a previous post regarding electric cars. My current guest did not ask about plugging in a car and I have not yet had a guest who had one. Our electricity is very expensive so I’ll have to evaluate how much this will cost me. The more pressing questions are - if he damages my system or if his car is damaged due to my system- would Airbnb help or care?  I have rental insurance but we all know a claim will result in a surcharge and deductible ($1k for me). Insurance companies also tend to drop you if you file a claim. 

I’m considering putting in my listing as a “ no” but we all know you can’t make people read... 

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@Matt-and-Robbin0 Matt-and- RobbinO .  
I can relate to your experience.  Last weekend I had two guests.  Before they arrived, the male of the guests, explained they would be arriving in an EV.  He had consulted the app.  He claimed that for their EV all or most charging stations were out of service ? How he could know this before he arrived I’m not sure.


In the town I live their are multiple charging stations for EVs. ( Both Tesla & NRMA). How this guests could claim that most were not working was brazen.!  Anyway, over the period of two days, he asked whether he could plug his Electric Vehicle into the power source of my AirBnb accommodation..  I declined to allow him.

what he did to recharge his car, Indon’t know.



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Thank you ! This happened to us for the 1st time this weekend. We arrived home to find their brand new Mustang EC plugged into our garage outlet. They had a new adapter that converted the 220-225v to 110/125v. My husband got home first and met them. Asked them, about the car? They replied, Is this ok? He said..ok, let me check with my wife. I looked up the expense for that particular make and model. it's between $13.50-$15.50 for a "full" overnight charge. Too early to see what the cost impact will be. Safe to say our garage has a 220v outlet inside. My concerns are similar to yours. #1 they didn't ask. 2# Am I responsible if it screws up their new EC? /Are they responsible if they short out or damage our shop? #3 it's under my house rules that I am not able to accommodate EC at this time. #4 Fueling their transportation is their expense. If they had a gasoline engine, they would pay at the pump. Just because they have a EC car doesn't mean I must pay for their "fuel" . I contacted Airbnb. Hmmm as usual, the rep was super uninformed and zero help. She did suggest I add the expense of the "electric fuel" to them by using the "Send or Request Money" upon checkout, and let Airbnb collect the funds for me. I (of course) do not ant to collect any fees for hosting outside of the portal for documentation. They were nice folks, however feeling a bit unsupported again by Airbnb. As EC cars are on the rise, it is within the realm of good business practices for Airbnb to develop some strategies for hosts as support. They do make a lot of income off our listings. Open to suggestions! Thank you ... I will include my concerns when I respond to the guests review. 

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Hello @Michelle2475 and welcome to ABB CC from a fellow Host in Auckland, New Zealand.


Have you locations in your area where EV Charging systems are?
If so cut to the chase and list the nearby locations for them in your Guidebook and in a prominent position in your listing - Maybe under Things to Note.

May I also suggest you mention it in your msg when you do have a Guest who asks as it's polite to do so.


You are within yours rights to say No they can't demand you supply a electricity for an EV.

At least with previous Electric Car versions people knew they could find a petrol pump easily enough.... Oh for the days of riding on a horseback on Bridle Tracks like they did 100 yrs ago.

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It's a rural area and there aren't any charging stations nearby. I did add it to my listing as well as touching base with a host in the same area.  He said he doesn't allow either.  The problem is you can't make them read!


The fortunate thing is that he was a 5 star guest!  In fact, the cleaning cost was about $25 less than others so that somewhat makes up for the cost of the electricity.  I checked my account and it was about that much for just two days!  I did put a private note in the rating that he should have asked first and should ask hosts in the future.  As well as a comment that I'm sure he hadn't thought of it and that he was a great guest.

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