Peak occupancy vs changovers vs private

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Peak occupancy vs changovers vs private

So thinking of renting my 2 bed out full time with a managment comp while I sort out personal circumstances, they have sent me some figures but these could be wiped out/ nearly negated by cleaning charges at £50 a time.


Here are some of the figs they sent me... 


Low season

Dec...  26 percent occupancy, gross £1048


- 18 percent (manament +vat)

- overheads £750 


Changover fees are easy its weekend bookings x4 or 5 max @ 50 =250 max

High season 

Aug 98 percent occupancy, gross £4315 


What would the expected number of bookings be for that?? 


Nb. it is a city center location with a sea view so I expect the figures predicted to accurate or slightly concervative


Rents out proven prevoisly 950 pcm 


Is it worth it?




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Sorry probably could have worded that betterScreenshot_20211206-033122_Gmail.jpg


My overheads, mortgage service charge, bills come too 750 per month.


their fee is 18 percent Inc vat


Changovers for a 2 bed were quoted at £50 but I don't know roughly how many I'd need



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So what is your question ?


As a I said above you recharge turnovers to guests . 

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To be honest I'm a co-host myself  in the UK and I don't understand how they have structured their figures @Greg306 

what they should be telling you is 


1. how much they think you can charge for your listing 


2. Giving you a cleaning fee that is recharged to guests 



3. what commission they charge for their service


what they charge for restocking etc 


cleaning and linen fee should be recharged to the guest 


do make sure you only use a management company or co-host that puts the listing in your name and that contract has a notice period if either of you want to give notice if you are not happy with how the relationship is working 


For example 


3 night stay @ £ 100 per night ~ £300


agency commission say - 20% - £60 


net £240


less Airbnb commission  (which varies slightly) 


have you checked comparable places in your area to see what they charge ?


have you checked on Airdna to give you an idea of occupancy rates in your area 


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Also include wear and tear etc. Seems not worth it to me. 

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