1099-Ks -- what's the story this year with Airbnb?

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1099-Ks -- what's the story this year with Airbnb?

The IRS has delayed the $600 threshold for 1099K issuance for yet another year -- until tax year 2024. The information on the Airbnb website and a tax-related email I just received suggests Airbnb is unaware of this delay.  Does anyone have any information (as Support typically hasn't a clue): Is airbnb going to issue 1099-K's to all hosts who have earned just $600 in 2023? Or is Airbnb going to issue 1099-K's to those who have earned more than $20,000 + 200 transactions -- the only threshold the IRS requires for 2023? Simple question. Impossible to find an answer.

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Hi there @Jane2808


I didn't want to leave your question without a response. I wondered if you had managed to get an answer? If not, I'll see what I can do to find someone who may know. 😊



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hi, Rebecca. Thanks for checking. I didn't get an answer I'm confident of,  as I could not get a response from Airbnb's tax department. Only the call center, who couldn't explain the disparate information on their website. He said it would likely be the 200 transactions, $20,000, but Airbnb should certainly know for sure at this point, and should have sent an email to hosts. The delay in 1099s was announced months ago by the IRS. 

@Jane2808  I am confident that AirBnB will issue some statement about how they are going to handle the tax reporting, but I also confidently assume that AirBnB will take advantage of the IRS announced postponement of 1099s to the 200 transactions $20,000 threshold of prior years and AirBnB will not provide the form to those hosts that do not meet this threshold.


The CS call center usually knows nothing about the tax forms ...




The delay announcement from the IRS was November 2023. They've had one month. Indeed, the call center knows nothing but that doesn't get you to anyone who actually knows. Airbnb host support is soooo bad.