4% MAT collection and remitance by Airbnb to City of Toronto

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4% MAT collection and remitance by Airbnb to City of Toronto

Does anyone know if Airbnb will charge the guest the 4% tax and remit it to the City on the hosts behalf?


I know the host has to fill out the MAT report quarterly, but i thought Airbnb agreed to charge, collect, and remit the accomodation tax. Do they? And how do i set that up?    I've been trying to resolve this with Airbnb Customer Support but they just keep sending me a link to the City of Toronto website. 


Help please.




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@Noris-Angela0   When you look at the tax settings in your listing, is the 4% tax you are inquiring about listed there?  


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If the tax is listed, then AirBnB is paying it.  You will get no proof that they are actually disbursing it and nothing from AirBnB for you to submit with your own tax report.


I fill out my tax reports monthly, quarterly and yearly with the income and taxes calculated, but with a zero-balance due.  I send a form letter stating that all taxes were collected by AirBnB (and my other OTAs) and that I do not owe any taxes.  This was on the advice of my CPA.  

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