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Airbnb experience

Do any one here know of anyone in the detroit metro area that has added private Chefs to their stay, and if you do or know anyone who does please share how that works. im looking at adding to the experience for the new year


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Airbnb have stopped offering experiences through their platform unfortunately.  However you can definitely mention on your listing this is something you can offer guests.


However @Angelo807 can I suggest you look at your guest reviews first. You have what Airbnb considers low ratings and if your rates dip below 4.6 they may suspend or even suspend your profile permanently.


I appreciate you have mostly good reviews but your last one will affect guest perceptions and where your listing shows up in the rankings. It would have been much better if you had addressed the issues in your response rather than leave the comment that you did.

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Were you able to find any other Hosts who have experiencing adding private chefs @Angelo807?

Perhaps your local Host club would be a good place to ask! The Michigan State Airbnb Host Club is here.  



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