Goa Tourism Registration for Airbnb Hosts

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Goa Tourism Registration for Airbnb Hosts

Hello, Just wondering, from what i have been hearing, it is now mandatory to register your rental (Apartment/Bungalow) with Goa Tourism. Does anyone have a clue as to what the requirements are clearly and how to go about the same. Any assistance is much appreciated

Thank You



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The rules have now changed. In accordance with 'Ease of doing business', a lot of requirements have been discarded ( since May 2022).


So one has to log in to the goaonline site from the Government of Goa, and click in the tourism department link. There you will find how to go about and register your home as either homestay ( if the guest lives with you in your house) or as guest house ( if the guest lives in your independent villa without your presence).



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Hi Rohan, 

Hope you are well. Thanks for the information, however these options for homestays are not available. I would appreciate if i could receive a little help with the same. 

Could you please email me at

**[E-mail address removed due to safety reasons - Community Center Guidelines]

Thank you in advance.

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Hi everyone. Is there any update or further info on how to proceed in getting registered with Goa Tourism? I am quite new to hosting and looking for help please. I have no idea on how to go about. Would appreciate some inputs. Thanks 

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 Yes its necessary to register with Goa Tourism !! Panchayat(trade license)!!

,Fire brigade,Pollution control board,and Tourism dept ....

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Hi @Nash66 @Angela2413 @Divinia0 I'm a little late in getting to this post, but would like to hear from you if you've been able to get any details about registering with Goa tourism. I did my research and found that these regulations are applicable only for homestays, meaning that if you're staying in a property and would like to host tourists in the same property, you need to register with Goa tourism.


In case either of you has come across any more regulations, I'd request you to drop a message on this community for others to benefit by the information.



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I too am looking for the registration process but have been unsuccessful.  Can anyone help.  

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I have the same question. I'm new to hosting in Goa and any help / guidance with regards to the legal formalities would be really helpful.




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Same issue wt me as well. It’s but complicated 

It sound complicated need to register and get NOC from different authorities 

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