How did you start co-hosting, tips, tricks etc?

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How did you start co-hosting, tips, tricks etc?

I have been a host on Airbnb for 10 years and love it and have just started co-hosting. I would love any tips from other hosts co-hosting and how you found hosts that wanted co-hosts in your area? I am not looking to host loads of places just enough to be able to dedicate time to each. Any advice would be welcome. 


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Hi @Anna127 👋


It's a lovely conversation you've started here and it's been a while without a reply. I'm going to tag in some Hosts & Co-Hosts for their support. 


@Helen3 & @Joan2709 - have you got any advice and support to offer @Anna127 on Co-Hosting? 


Looking forward to seeing your wonderful replies. 😍



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