How does Airbnb pay you?

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How does Airbnb pay you?

Well, this question was asked me this morning by a nice young lady working on the phone for Airbnb

As a Superhost I was calling direct line in France concerning how to post my new annoucement with two private rooms (bnb) but not the whole apartment. We can just write "one room" but we rent out in fact "two or more rooms" in an apartment that we share.

So, the nice lady after asking me my phone number, when I was born and my name, asked me suddenly : "How does Airbnb pay you?".

I was surprised and I immediately answered: "Well I don't have any payment problem, Airbnb comes every week home with its small case full of cash, that's fine!".

A funny question, a funny answer!

She started to laugh and couldn't stop and so did I.

She precised her question: "Ha ha ha...I meant: are you payed by PayPal?"

So, I went on: "Well,  don't know his name, you say: PayPal? I don't know anything about him. But that's fine. It works. Though you know this year Airbnb will have to pay us online cause we shalll not be able to scape nor hide any refund taxes anymore. On the 1st of July in France, Airbnb has to send us what we have won exactly ".


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Thanks @Edith0 @Deborah0 

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Hi @Edith0


I like reading your anecdotes -- you have a good sense of humor!


THis question about how we are paid, is a standard question that customer service asks us now when we call in for help.  They have to verify who we are (so that someone pretending to be us doesn't call in and try to mess up our account) so customer service will first ask your phone number, then your email, and then maybe your birthdate, and also they will ask how you get paid and even the digits of your bank account.  THis is all to protect you and make sure someone doesn't try to hack your account. 


So on July 1 in France, Airbnb has to tell you just what you have won?  I think it should be July 14, that AIrbnb has to tell you what you have won, on Bastilles Day, since the storming of the Bastille gained the French people quite a victory in the abolition of feudalism.  


But if every week you come home with a suitcase of cash from Airbnb, then you are doing well -- !! Just dont' let that cash fall apart.....



"France is the country where the money falls apart and you can't tear the toilet paper."
- Billy Wilder
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Ah! It's very funny! And the Greeks do better.


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