Securing Additional Services (ie. Private Chefs, Catering, etc)

Securing Additional Services (ie. Private Chefs, Catering, etc)

Good day Hosts!


I am currently trying to secure some partnerships with Private Chefs and Catering services to add additional value to my vacation rental.  So far no luck since I just got hung up on or they say they're too busy. Is anyone currently going through this or has anyone been successful in securing these partnerships for their rental properties? 


I'd love to know and if there's any advice you can provide for myself and others in this same situation

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Bristol, United Kingdom

It' surprising that personal chef would turn down such a partnership @Rodney157 


Hard to offer advice as you haven't said where you are based. Why not ask for recommendations from a local host group. Or perhaps a food group for your location on FB if Googling private chefs in your area doesn't bring up any results.

Not sure where your properties are located, but I work as a private chef in Nashville and would be interested in such a partnership. 

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If anyone is in need of a private chef,  shoot me an email me at **. We are a private chef marketplace with over 150 chefs in the UK, and are currently looking to partner with Airbnb hosts 🙂

**[E-mail address removed due to safety reasons - Community Center Guidelines]

@Rodney157   It's not worthwhile for a caterer to enter a "partnership" with an individual rental unit serving only max 6 guests. Airbnb doesn't offer "private chef" as a searchable amenity, so the extremely small minority of guests who might be interested in that as a feature have no way to locate a listing that offers it. And caterers rely on having their services booked and paid well in advance by a reliable client, not summoned on a whim by a small group on holiday.


If you'd like to offer a daily breakfast delivery as an inclusive amenity to all your guests, that might be a level of consistency that would appeal to a service that specializes in this. But you'd have to partner with a restaurant that already has a breakfast service route in your area, as it's really not worthwhile for a private chef to get up early in the morning and make a personalized meal for 6 people at a beach house (at least not at rates that would keep your listing competitive). 


Your listing is still very new, so I recommend keeping your focus squarely on maintaining the quality of the amenities that are already attracting guests. Giving personalized recommendations for other services is fine, but a "partnership" means your business takes the hit in a review when a guest isn't satisfied with a service that's out of your control, which basically slaughters a listing at your price point.

@Helen3 Thank you for your input. It was greatly appreciated!

@Anonymous Thank you for that detailed explanation and plus it makes a lot of sense!  I definitely appreciate the advice as a new host I am trying to find as many ways as possible to maximize my listing.  


I think the breakfast delivery might be the better route for me to add to the listing.

@Rodney157   You're thinking creatively about ways to please your guests, which shows you have all the right stuff to be a great host!


I do recommend resisting the urge to maximize, though. You have a beautifully designed listing in an appealing location, and all the home amenities that represent good value for the discerning, independent traveler. This is not a crowd that's looking for hosts to provide extra, unconventional services or get involved in their meal planning, and features only add value to guests if they're things they actually want. You've already gotten great reviews by delivering exactly what was advertised, so keeping consistent with that is the best plan in the short term. In the longer term, you can make updates and improvements based on guest feedback. One thing that jumps out at me from the listing is that the outdoor area has a lot of untapped potential - some strung lights, a gourmet grill, a few more plants, and enough seating for 6 would make a real difference there. 

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Bristol, United Kingdom

I just leave recommendations in my guest book for local chefs and other services. @Rodney157 

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