air bnb damage protection/ claim Dept. not doing their jobs

air bnb damage protection/ claim Dept. not doing their jobs

air bnb damage protection/ claim Dept. not doing their jobs, hiding somewhere, over 3-4 months, have not paid the damages the guest made. Over 25 hrs of calling the customer service calls, mumbling and disconnecting, and recalling them and ..........they say: you have to wait until the damage dept. email you.....wait again, no call or email...nothing....we ask what to do who is overseeing the Aircare and damage claim Dept. In Air BNB. They say noone. you just have to call back to customer service...That is how the call center services **[Inappropriate content removed in line with the Community Center Guidelines]...etc make money around the wasting your valuable time and not helping you ...This is engineered by Air BNB so that Hosts give up their claims and absorb damages, Air BNB must cover and does not.


Air BNB must be BANNED....for bad service and fraud !

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Reading this concerns me! I’ve not had any major issues and hope I never do. But, really not happy seeing issues of others are not resolved timely.

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Hi @Bobby242 


Sorry to hear that you've experienced some issues with Airbnb Support.    I've passed your details over to Support to see if they can help with an update.





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Still no answer from claims Dept. 

Air BNB support is a big joke!!

You need to deal with these people from India and Philippin and south America, barely understand and speak English, If they do, they do not understand the facts;. If they understand the facts of the case, at th end , they only ay: " I will escalate this . I have no phone #, name of a persn to contact.....sorry" Bottomline after over 40 hrs of phone calls , frustration of communication obstacles, and numrous messages on AIr BNB chat, and numerous text messages of: you have a support message" No ESOLUTION....JUST PLAYING A AIR BNB SUPPORT PRETENTION OF HELPING! 



Hello Jenny,

Noone has contacted me to assist me from damage protection /claims Dept.

Unfortunately each time a customer service send a random message
" do you need help?" I do put the facts there in the messaging box, or take hours to veriry and explain the situation........But no one from the right Dept. ever emailed or called me to pay the damages. We are considering to publicize the issue at a large scale and take next actions , if the damages are not paid.


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@Bobby242  i dont' think we need to ban ABB, but certainly the CS situation is well known and needs more attention. sadly I think going to twitter might work (not sure why! twitter is not actually that popular with regular hard working people), but progressives listen to tweets over forum rants. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Hello Gillian,

Thanks for responding here. Could you please elaborate more. I really appreciate your assistance.🙏

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