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    Dear Colleagues,I hope this email finds you well. I am reaching out to seek your insights and experiences regarding the pricing strategies for Airbnb listings.Recently, I have been grappling with the most effective method to price my Airbnb property. Ther... Latest reply by Amber727
    Hi - Our payouts are stuck since end of Oct 2023. We need to pay rents urgently.We spoke to the Customer Support and they advised us to change our Payout Method. We added a new bank detail and with different account number. The new Payout got Approved and... Latest reply by Team139
    Hello everyone comma i'm new to this. How much should I charge to manage a property on Airbnb for one of my clients? I'm just going to list and do the bookings, rest cleaning & maintenance The client would be doing it. Please advice, thanks. Latest reply by Nestmerge0
    I wonder if someone could help. When airbnb rolls the guest service fee into the price the host charges in early 2024 does this mean your host turnover increases by this amount. I say this because if it does it might push some hosts in the UK over the £85... Latest reply by Ben38