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    Hi I'm new to hosting and as I don't have any reviews as yet a guest has asked if I'd remove my service fee as a goodwill gesture. I'm happy to do this as I would like some ratings and some guests! Is there a simple way to do this? Where can I see all the... Latest reply by Amanda1775
    Okay, I am in Costa Rica. I have a guest who had a heart attack. I came around the corner to find him laying on the porch, shorts half down, covered in feces. Before the ambulance arrived, he asked me to run the hose on (clean) his testicles and **bleep**... Latest reply by Jennifer3276
    Hi All I need to download payouts for the period 01 March 2020 to 28 Feb 2021. This is for tax purposes. Transaction history does not show anything for these periods, although I know I did have tenants during this time. Can anyone advise on how to get th... Latest reply by Darran7