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    I am hosting a hotel room in Phuket,Thailand and when i search as a guest to look at my listing i can see my room has a service fee on top of the price i have listed it at but some other hotel rooms in my area have no service fee on Air BnB why is this ? ... Latest reply by Lawrene0
    Greetings to you from Orion. we have been contacting you for the payment for the past 3 months .We have contacted you for more than 5 to 7 times for the payment and each time you say the case is send to expert team and it will be sorted out soon and final... Latest reply by Gordon0
    Dear I am linked my Payoneer Account With Airbnb From Last 14 Day But Still Pending in Verifications Not Confirm So Please Confirm the Payoneer Account and Released My Payout I am Waiting For spending Confirmation.
    I noticed this yesterday when I was searching for a place for an upcoming trip. This morning, whilst doing my usual home-market research, it is still happening. Prices are not showing up in searches (See screenshots) All are showing up as dots on the map... Latest reply by Jennifer1421
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