What happens after you have been de-listed (ANSWER)

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Hi everyone that has been de-listed,


This is to do with the recent rounds of de-listing Airbnb has been conducting through Europe and my personal experience that hopefully may answer some of your questions since Airbnb is being very tight lipped on the cull.


So with 6 yrs of being with Airbnb and Superhost status, on the 4th of Feb this year i was sent a short email from Airbnb announcing my apartments would go permanently offline on the 18th of Feb 2016.

On the 17th of Feb i wrote to Airbnb to ask them what i could expect and received this response.


Airbnb Quality Team, Feb 19, 12:43:

Hello Marcus,

You will still have full access to your account and should not experience any issues. If you do, please let us know.


Airbnb Quality Team


So on the evening of the 18th my Airbnb account firstly de-listed the apartments on their search system.  As far as my account was concerned all apartments were still showing as active and online.


On the 19th i found that the majority of my apartments had all been moved to the "Unlisted" section and although there is a toggle to re-select "listed", the system will not respond to it.


I can confirm though that all future bookings remain in place.  However your future guests will not be able to look at the listing.  You will then start to receive messages from guests as follows:


Hi Marcus

I wanted to have a look again at the description and photos of the appartment to see what is there and what we can expect exactly. However I notice the appartment has disappeared from Airbnb. Hopefully our trip is still on? Is there another pointer to the description and photo's? Thanks, Erik


I guess it us up to each host to work out an honest and truthful reason why their booked apartment dissapeared.


I personally told guests (in part) to do a google search on "airbnb de-list bbc" which at least gives you some credibility when giving a reason.  This provides the following link.



In summary, Airbnb will NOT enter into any discussions on why your apartment(s) were de-listed.  Airbnb have marched you to the exit door and do not want to see your apartments return to the site, that is clear.  No matter if you are a Superhost or spent $$$ going to the Airbnb Open in Paris this year there is no way to restore your apartments.


I would assume Airbnb will continue to re-sweep host accounts (like they did in NY) so re-listing again will probably be a fruitless task.


I have started a support thread here.



You can read my other comments on how it started for me here.





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Re: What happens after you have been de-listed (ANSWER)

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@Marcus0 thank you, so awkward, such a poor customer service, such a bad reward for you helping them improve their good name in your city. Big hug.

Re: What happens after you have been de-listed (ANSWER)

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Hi community,


How does one re-enlist a listing that shows "listing no longer acavailable" when you click on the picture? This is after all 5 star comments and forward bookings through to September.


I use Airbnb exclusively and use "instant booking". My rates are very competitive.


I uplift my listing daily.


I would hate to register with other sites like "booking.com"


Oh please help.Airbnb has become my only form of income and I strictly play it by their rules.


Kind regards


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