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    The last electricity bill was twice as high as it has ever been over the last 20 years - it is winter but............. is it polite to ask the renter to turn off heaters when not in use - it has been cold and the rental is a stand alone. (I think she pro... Latest reply by Margaret253
    What is the proceedure for when too many people show up for a specified number of guests maximum. People seem to want to sneak another person in but do not say at the beginning of the resevation but rather when it is too late to cancel. And they need to d... Latest reply by Lorna170
    We are auperhosts and heard that local govt is gunning for air bnb hosts that live in the home they offer for air bnb. We heard that if you lease out for a total of 30 days in a calendar year that we are in danger of losing our 50k homestead exemption. Pl... Latest reply by Zianka0
    Why is any time you call these people can never answer a question and always send you to technical support and they will only get in contact with you through email and then you answer there questions and they keep sending you the email over and over like ... Latest reply by Frederico51
    Can a person who is registered as a Guest, in the same country do a reservation on behalf of a friend in a diferrent country and once accepted as a guest,effect payment and get the friend to come and occupy the place.Will Airbnb accept the responsibility... Latest reply by Patricia2151
    I would like to have the possibility to rate the guests for the punctuality regarding the check in and check out time. Many of them are arriving later than they said.Sometimes I have to wait for them even for 1h and they don’t send me any message to infor... Latest reply by David2021
    I ordered Smoke & CO Detector on 6th. October 2017 - Order # 67414. This was to be supplied by Airbnb for FREE in 6 weeks. It is now over 10 months and atleast 15 to 20 follow-ups with phone calls & emails but I have still not received the item. Hence ca... Latest reply by Lynn329
    Would like to know how to rent out 5 rooms seperatly and not as a unit . Got a B&B and dont want to show fully booked when only one room is let out. Thanks Regards Elvira Latest reply by Roberta2