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*Message for all Hosts in San Francisco*


Tired of guests asking or requesting if they can leave their luggage/bags after check-out? 


Look no further I am here to solve that solution! 


I get it 🙂 Majority of you guys are far too busy looking after one's belongings after hours. I mean, who wants to waste hours of their own precious time holding someone's belongings right?


-Reasons why hosts cannot look after bags after check-out:

  1. Other guests are checking in on the same day the previous guest checks out
  2. No one really wants to do it because then you have to be present and wait until the guests come back for their bags
  3. It is a big waste of time and no good for hosts

I am here to share you awesome hosts that you do not have to worry about this issue any longer


If a guest asks if it is possible for you to hold their belongings, simply tell him/her there is an awesome and super convenient service here in San Francisco called Drop Bag to Us ( where we can hold their bags/luggage. We are conveniently located in SoMa District so we are pretty much close to every major Airbnb Homes in San Francisco. It would be awesome if you guys can take advantage of this so you can both save you and your guest's time. 


Thank you guys for taking your time reading this post and hopefully we can help you guys in a big way 🙂



Drop Bag to Us Team

(415) 735-8357

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Re: Luggage Storage San Francisco

San Francisco, CA
Level 1

Check out - we store luggage on-demand at very low rates!

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