Repeat guest dies of Cancer

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This is a heart-felt story that all of you that love hosting like I do will hopefully appreciate reading. 


I met 2 sisters from Ireland over 5 years ago. They booked through Airbnb and stayed with me for 2 months. We built a special relationship during that time.

They purchased 2 bicycles and honestly, rode them everyday for miles to church, site-seeing, restaurants etc. They were cat lovers, and since I have 2 cats living with me, it made me so very happy to watch the special interaction they constanly were happy to have with my sweet kitty cats.


We became very close during their stay, so I was thrilled when they stayed with me again for 2 months the following year.

Then Covid came and no travel at all. So, we spoke and video chatted all the time at least once a week. We also exchanged Xmas and birthday presents.

The day I received notice of Patsy's Cancer diagnosis, I was devistated.


Thought she was getting better until last year when Anne informed me Patsy's treatments were no longer working. In April of this year, I decided to fly to see Patsy before she might pass. I spent a week going all over Dublin and other wonderful places with their entire families with us most of the time. Patsy was always up for anything and would not let her Cancer stop her.


Last month, her sister told me her death was now eminent and I should get prepaired.

2 weeks ago, my friend Patsy passed away. The family sent me a link to the church where Patsy would be buried, and I watch the service crying the entire time.

I felt like I had lost a family member.


I tell this story to those who have shared similar special experiences with people they have hosted and gotten to know on a more personal level.

Since so many negative things get shared on Airbnb, I thought it was important to also talk about those too few host experiences that were inspiring and very special.


Perhaps someone has had a similar experience and would be willing to share it.


I continue to host and do my very best to remain open and sensitive to all my guest's needs.


I just love being a host!

God bless my dear friend Patsy.


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Re: Repeat guest dies of Cancer

Darwin, Australia
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Sending my heartfelt condolences @Carol676.  Guests come in all shapes and sizes. They stay acquaintances or touch our heads or hearts more profoundly……. Stay positive and just breathe…


For we get to meet, sometimes to know, sometimes heartfelt and with love. But we also part and that sadly, is the lot of every human heart.💐

Re: Repeat guest dies of Cancer

Frederick, MD
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@Carol6761 so sorry for your loss. This is a lovely tale of connection and I thank you for sharing it. 


Re: Repeat guest dies of Cancer

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My condolences. I have met some wonderful people through AIrbnb.

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