Are we really not pet friendly??

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Tampa, FL

Are we really not pet friendly??

We have a dog and a cat in our home, but we do not want guests to bring their animals with them when they stay in our personal home that we rent out. 


We always take our pets with us when we leave if we have guests and do our best to eliminate any indication that pets have been in the home before. 


We have our house rules set to “not pet friendly”. Does this imply that we don’t own pets too or does this simply mean that guests can’t bring their pets? 

My wife believes this implies that we don’t have pets and is concerned that someone with allergies could feel we were misleading, but I also don’t want to say “pet friendly” and allow guests to bring their pets. 

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Sayulita, Mexico

@Matt3851  I am a home share host and have a dog and a cat but don't accept guest pets. So my house rules say No Pets. But I explain in my listing information that I have both a dog and a cat, and while they are primarily outside animals and are never allowed in the guest room, if guests have pet allergies or are afraid of them, mine is not the listing to book.


No pets under house rules means you don't accept guest pets. Just make the situation clear in the main part of your listing description. Good idea to reiterate in a message when guests book, too, because many guests don't read thoroughly.

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Arkansas, United States

@Matt3851 @Pat271 @Anyone who is supposed to care:


The whole “friendly” thing is misleading and offensive.


My personal emotions have nothing to do with it. 


It’s my house, and if I choose to ban animals, children, bachelor parties or WHATEVER is not designated as a protected class, I don’t have to give a reason nor should it be assumed that the ban is due to personal prejudice.

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Hedge your bets and mention in your listing that although pets are not permitted, a property free from  pet allergens is not guaranteed.


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Amen to that. Guaranteeing anything like that is setting yourself up for a refund demand.




You can and should note that your animals will be on the property and that people who are afraid of dogs or cats should not book.


You have every right to ban pets but, as we are currently discussing on another thread, you cannot refuse to accept service or emotional support animals nor can you demand documentation.


And people will lie.


A fair deterrent might be to say that your dog(s) are territorial and will not tolerate strange dogs or cats on the property.

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