A question about offers

A question about offers

Hi I haven’t used this before. I have a question. I know you can send offers directly to guests if they contact you. Can you promote offers on your actual listing, so people can see this to generate interest. Like 4 nights for the price of 3? 

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You can always set special discounts by discount percentage or custom pricing.


When using "professional tools" you can set 25% discounts for 4 nights, which decreases the price to that of a 3 nights stay. Do not forget to also set max. stay to 4 nights if you do not want longer stays also have this discount. If it is only for a specific time period, then use rule sets

Guest will see on the booking form there is a discount.


"Promotions" is another way of offering discount on a specific time period. It can be found and activated in the listing calender. Depending how much discount you provide, guest can see it already before entering the booking form, as prices are displayed as old (striked through) and new price.

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