Foreign owned property in Los Angeles

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Montreal, Canada

Foreign owned property in Los Angeles



Do you know if Los Angeles allows foreign owners that are not residents nor citizens to do home-sharing?


Basically I'm Canadian and only stay at my place in LA for a few months a year. I would never rent it long term cause then I couldn't go.


From this doc:


It says that to qualify for home-sharing, you need to show an ID (I'd use my Canadian passport) but also then 2 things from a list of stuff like California voter card (i dont have that), paycheque (i don't work in USA), etc. 


I meet one of the requirements "A copy of a current property tax bill indicating homeowner’s exemption" so that is cool


But it seems I need one more. I'm wondering how strict it is, cause it's my primary residence in USA (ie. I dont have another property in LA), I just go back to Canada after the winter.


Anyone have an experience with this?

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 If you’re a Canadian, you can’t stay in the country without a visa (extended time period) and you can’t get a job without an immigration visa, BUT you are entitled to passive income. This is what kept me afloat in grad school. You need to declare this income and file a US tax return. As well, you need to file on with Revenue Canada. The answer to your question is YES, but be sure to pay your taxes. 

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Actually from what @Spencer196   Posted the answer is no @Christine2855 


It depends on LA STR regulations not on whether you are allowed a 'passive income' 

That’s a given Helen. In the US, each municipality or properties in unincorporated counties have their own rules. I haven’t seen anyone restrict Canadians from passive income in the US. Have you? 

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