Know Your Customer KYC

Know Your Customer KYC

What is this about? I'm already receiving payments, Identity verified, already a super host? What is this about and what is it going to ask of me, is this legit?


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I have the same problem !!

what’s is the solution please

Hi, the solution is simple. Provide all the info they require! 

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I didn’t receive nothing to provide

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I feel there's too much information going to Airbnb, they are a private company so they shouldn't be asking you about your taxes and having a digital copy of your goverment ID which I'm sure at some point will be hacked and then your passport and driving licence will be on the dark web. I've found them to have some pretty shoddy practices whioe dealing with them over the past 5 years and the lies their customer service team tell you to get you off the phone is appalling. I don't really trust them. They're acting like they're a financial institution, I don't think the other booking sites do this. I'm looking at and vrbo, anyone had any good or bad experiences with these?


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They all ask similar questions Booking. con is not to bad, VRBO I was having problems with them I followed their instruction but it kept telling me my payments will be delayed I never got an answer from them so I blocked my calendar, I dont want to take a booking then not get paid,

Agoda they ask a load of questions they even wanted proof I owned the property, 

Trip Advisor was simple,  

Can you say what you learned or post a link to where you learned it. I'm in the same boat. Thanks. Mike

Basically once in while Airbnb will request to you to resubmit your personal info again to maintain an up to date status about your Taxes. They will ask you if you use or , are a part of company that offer services thru Hosting on Airbnb.


It's simply Uncle Sam(on our side) or the Queen on your side(lol) wanting more control $$$, less taxes getting away. I filled the form yesterday, you will be ask certain things and resubmit your full name and address and your tax ID.


I had to anyway if I was to continue to getting paid! 


Here's a link:

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@Jose5045 I think you need to post a bit more info if you want help. What was sent to you and by whom?

Hi, sorry for being vague. It was an email sent by airbnb stating they want to verify my account/me again to able to receive payments. They want to know if I own a company or just a single person entity. Thank you for your reply, I'm seeing more post about this subject in the forum, so I've been inform thru those post of what it is. 

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Please tell what’s the solution !

How to fill out this document??? 

There should be  a link in the email they sent you, click on it and follow the instructions. Mines looked like this. I clicked "Start"

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I just looked at your link site and it is NOT from Airbnb.  You are being played to give out your personal information. Do nothing.

Contact Airbnb customer support and report this fraud scam, send them the link, insist on a ticket being created to follow up on this matter.


The link I posted is to an Image hosting site so he can see what the email I got looks like. For some reason , I wasn't able to directly upload  an image here like before. 

The email I got was legit as stated by customer service. The link I poste has nothing to do with it other than provide a visual reference to what I got.

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