No Payouts

No Payouts

My Account was Verified One Day and then Unverified the Next. It's been three weeks of not recieving any payouts and everytime I call Airbnb I get the same "apologies, please wait 3-5 days for our specialist team to look into it".


Nobody will help me!


They keep sending me a link to update my details, but it says I've already completed everything. It's a loop that never ends!! Customer service is completely useless!!!

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I am in the same situation. Its been a month with no information on why my payouts are on hold even though I am verified. One of the Super Host Ambassador who was dealing my case told me that he had to close the case as it was escalated to another department and I have no option but to wait... that one day I will get paid!!

Same here!! 


It has been 20 days that Airbnb has had my payouts on hold. From September 30 up today. I have made 6 international calls from Aruba and spoken to 6 different USELESS Superhost Ambassadors, and no one could help me. All 6 Amabssadors needs to be fired.


20 days no money, 20 days that Guests have slept in our rooms, apartments and Villas, using our linen, our towels, our air-conditioning, facilities, water and electricity.


We got 10 employees to pay this coming Friday and no Manager or upper Management of Airbnb has the decency to give me as a Supehost a call to sort this out. My Account was also Verified, and I had sent them proof of it. I too get the same "apologies, and the answer to please wait 3-5 days for our specialist team to look into it". That specialized team's name is one person by the name Herrick. And nooooothing has been done. It is a shame and a disgrace. We have future booking up to May 2023 already and they are playing Bank with our money. 



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Rawai, Thailand



I just took a look at your profile and it's telling me you are Verified, 

As for payouts I dont know what to say I have seen people posting about it some large amounts,

I have been on airbnb many years and never had a problem always arrived on time until last week we got it eventually but it was a week later.

We had a guest cancel yesterday due to arrive today my policy is set to strict, so Im waiting to see what happens regarding payout, upto now I have not heard from airbnb about the cancellation, I suppose they dont care they got their money.

Good luck in getting it sorted, 

Yes, I completed all the verification and was receiving payouts and then I received an email to say they were missing information and my payouts were blocked until I provided it. The link they provided said I had already provided all the information. They said this is a bug and they have reported it to the specialist team, but nothing gets fixed! I keep calling and they keep saying the same thing "wait 3-5 days" but it's been 3 weeks!!

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