Payout method in progress in a month. ( Please help. ) - 16 K USD

Payout method in progress in a month. ( Please help. ) - 16 K USD



For a very long time, my withdrawal method has not been confirmed. I have payment of almost 16K USD. We already have guests. We can't continue any further, please help. Even though my subscription was approved by Payoneer.


We have pending rent payments, cleaning and administrative expenses.


I beg you absolutely, we cannot wait any longer.


Kind regards, 


**[Phone number hidden due to safety reasons - Community Center Guidelines]


Batuhan Sahin.



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Community Manager
Community Manager
Toronto, Canada

Hello @Batuhan7 ,


First of all, Welcome to the Community Center. 🌺 I am so sorry as this situation would have been really difficult!!!  Let me nudge the correct team for you. Hope this gets resolved soon. As Bes mentioned, I have removed your phone number, as we do not allow people posting their personal and sensitive information here for their own safety.  [You can check the Community Center Guidelines here.]


Thank you so much @Bes175 , for answering Bahutan and believing in us!! 



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England, United Kingdom

I should not have to deal with this - being a level 9 sensei type. [usually, at level 7 & above one can charge ppl for advice] Anyhow, since I seenthe problem is valued $16.000 - I am gonna do it 4 U. For FREE.


[ Batuhan I'm joking : - ) ]





[1.] Some people do not know, this Forum is not Airbnb per se, i.e there is a connection but not read by them. here you find mostly users [hosts, guests, etc]


[2.] However, moderators in here, can 'push your case forward & it might accelerate in speed/ priority; Jenny, Emily, Sybe, Bhumika etc, will take a look and forward it to Aibrnb-proper. [they might also delete your P.number as is not needed here]



is a good guy with great reviews,

all 5* and 11 listings in Turkey.

stuck at a point when he is unable to continue

as $16.000 have not been yet processed. 



[3.] For now, do this, as only some countries

use the method you have: Payooner


View it from a laptop/computer.

Click on top-right hand corner: 

Need to get in touch? Contact Us.

There you will be speaking with Airbnb right away.  


Lastly, and I'm guessing here, in case 'you have difficulties with a partner/ partners' show them your post in here - all efforts you are making to FIX THIS; and be sure if its only 'confirmation/ banking glitch' it will be fixed and you will get your money from Airbnb. Good luck. 

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