Payout not received

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Payout not received

I ve been hosting since the 12th April and had a good bookings rate. I set my payout method up a month before and had no reason to think anything was wrong. I am yet to receive any of my payouts and it's mounting up with more and more bookings coming in. I've contacted support several times but they only keep confirming they have sent the payout. I'm being to told to simply wait. I noticed you can't check or amend your payout information. So I added again and set as default for the the last booking and subsequent payout. Still no money and still no support. How can I get the payments team or someone to check where my money is going? I've spent money and it's costing me money to run and am getting nothing coming in from Airbnb. Please can someone point me in the right direction or offer some helpful advise. As I'm now waiting for a  good few hundred pounds. 



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Hi @Josie131 

Welcome to the community 😊

If a host is new to Airbnb and receives their first reservation, Airbnb may take 30 days to pay the host.


You may need to keep track of your payout status in transaction history. In my experience, PayPal is the faster payment method. 

It may take a few days to show up in your account after being released.


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Polk City, FL

I m experiencing the same problem here from Orlando Florida,  hosting since 2014 never an issue with super host status and 5 stars reviews.


Until Dec they asked me to update my business information and from that day it has been nightmares.  No one can explain why I'm not receiving my payouts neither giving me a correct answer.  I call the support every day but no resolution they just keep telling me that they will have to email the special team they are the ones who handles this type of cases  in the other hand I'm still fully booked and they owe me now more than 10k I'm behind on my bills.  Not sure what to do

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we're on the same situation. I been hosting 2016 no problem until I updated my information this Dec 2022 since then never received my payout called them every day then transferred to a different agents. 

does this not seem a bit like a scam or ponzie scheme?  where they take the funds but do not pay them out?

yes I have found this to also be our issue, since November 2022......i wonder if the guests are aware that we are not getting our payouts.  we are up holding our end of the booking by honouring the reservation and the client is staying at the property, but AIRBNB is not holding up their end of the agreement by releasing our funds, 24 hours after the client has checked in, this has been on going since 2022

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Hi @West-Coast2 @Shevanne1000 ,

Have you reached out to Customer Support regarding this recently and if possible can you tell us more, about what they said?

I will also put forward your concern to related teams and check if there is any update.

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yes i have done that.  each time they ask for the same information, and I provide the same answers.  I am told that it is expedited, but clearly they don't understand the meaning of that word.


this is causing a serious issue with my business, and i do not know how much longer it can continue

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Community Manager
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Hello @West-Coast2 ,

I understand the challenges you are facing as a result of such delays.

As per my understanding, you would have received some communication regarding this in a Support thread where you can respond directly.

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Hi have you received your pay-out ?If yes what did you do co im facing the same issue with airbnb.

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Brisbane City, Australia

I've hosted 5 groups since last month but payouts never received in my bank account. I got morn then 10 emails said the money has been sent out  but no actual transaction been made. So the total amount of funds kept adding up in each email.  I called Airbnb nearly every day but no one can really help except saying they are investigating on it.  I lost my cash flow and have to close my calendar, I also try to cancel all the exist booking but I can't afford the penalty. Can those hosts who post here for the same issues can tell me how to solve this problem. 

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Hi May, did you receive your payouts? I am having the same issues now?

Any advice?


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Auckland, New Zealand


@May1496 @Anita1106 @Rhian104 @Tiana1005 and others


Did you ever receive any email prior to your Payments been Paused?


Or did you simply have a Pop up Notification on your Dashboard, at any stage?


When you contacted Customer Support, did any of you get told they had Telephoned you and left Voice messages that never happened?


I ask because at no stage did I receive any email advising me of Pending Pause of Payments, contrary to the follow up email which I did receive.

I also had a rep who claimed they had called me on 3 different occasions and left voice messages which I have not ever had.


We are paying for this extraordinary inadequate and shabby form of internet telecommunications and other services that are routed into countries that don't have the same standards of infrastructure which is a serious concern when trying to seek answers and adequate support and Resolutions.


How can we as a Community address these problems that keep arising?


@Stephanie @Emilie @Catherine-Powell @Brian 


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Community Manager
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Hello @Helen427 ,


I passed on your concern to the related team and they would have connected with you to share a form. 


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Which Team @Bhumika ?

Are you aware of the fact that as part of Know Your Customer (KYC) It is a legal requirement to factor into account the Nature, Duration, Risk Factors, and type of Relationship, together?

Where is the provision and inclusion for each individual?


Here's a great database with Legal Cases to help us all learn



Customer Support don't appear to have any training with this, nor is their any recognition in the Template for these issues.

E.G, it prompts 'later' but no other options except a 'Selfie' which is not adequate for AML/ KYC as per below Example of recent Case Law.

The KYC Link you keep getting sent to me is not Adequate, nor is it Fit for Purpose or in compliance with the needs of those who may not have a Driver's Licence ( as an example, some people have Private Medical Information on them that is none of anyone else's business, and that people have a Right to have their Privacy Respected, have you thought about that? ),  or a Passport that is current, and in New Zealand we don't have a National ID card, nor do we have to carry one.


I have raised these serious concerns and the ongoing lack of comprehension as to my situation, and probably many others worldwide, to the appropriate authorities here in New Zealand.


I also request you bring these issues to the attention of Arise Virtual Solutions Ltd, and that @Brian  and @Catherine-Powell , who ABB have contracted out their KYC / Customer Support to so it will be addressed with urgency.


The Template is inadequate and Not Fit for purpose, and unwittingly potentially discriminatory.


New Zealand prides itself on Human Rights equality.



As aside,

Note in New Zealand there's ongoing discussions in relation to the use of Biometrics and 'Selfies' as a form of Identification, as there is in the UK, including with our Office of the Privacy Commissioner who I have in my wisdom raised this challenge for us with.


Maori people have legal rights relating to the use of their Mokos' which ABB and it's contracted agencies must also take into consideration.



May I suggest you also look up these Ongoing discussions worldwide together with the recent cases involving Clearview AI, - our former Privacy Commissioner, John Edwards was involved in that particular well publicised recent legal case, and another recent case involving Coinbase.




Meanwhile, I have repeatedly explained these issues to Customer Support who are caught in the middle of this.

It's worse than a broken LP going around on scratch.


For nearly 5 years I had absolutely no issues with receiving my payments, as have many others, so please ensure any future correspondence is addressed directly to Payments who should be versant with AML AND Finance regulations.


As an 'existing longer term Customer, those matters must be factored into account.


Thanks in advance for your kindness and understanding.


May we all learn something positive out of this.



@Fraser22 would you please help with this so @Bhumika and others who are new in ABB CC can learn from past experiences of the Problem Product?

Cheers, December 2019 messages!!!

Community Manager
Community Manager
Toronto, Canada

Hello @Helen427 ,


I am so sorry that you felt this way and wished to help you more.

We were constantly looking into if we could do anything for you. I just received an update that you will get the latest email from [Airbnb Customer Service] requesting some information.

I hope you get your situation resolved after you submit the relevant information.


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As previously explained, I like many others have been a Verified and Identified Host on Airbnb for nearly 5 years and never experienced such appalling Customer Service, nor have I had acceptable answers in relation to the 'monies owed and stuck and lost in processing Airbnb and 3rd party provider systems'


I expressly contacted ABB Customer Support in relation to Outstanding Payouts in September 2022 when I first became aware of these matters.


I also raised it with my long term Bank here in New Zealand who can't believe this is going on.


If ABB don't know me by now as a Customer despite multiple communications and Geo Location Identification, Reviews and updated Profile  and account they never will get the message through to them.


Meanwhile I've located Legal Decisions that state Payoneer have received Sanctions which may answer the flow on impacts to Airbnb Hosts, why not Guests is unknown.


Why have we Hosts not been advised through Airbnb about this as they are in a Relationship with Payoneer?


It's now at the stage I will be writing to all the Guests who have paid and whose payments have not been released and paid into my account to cancel their Visa and other Payments they have made to Airbnb in Good Faith and which should have been paid out to myself ( As payouts should have been to other Hosts who have found themselves in the same situation) within 24 hours as agreed in Terms of Service and has previously not been an issue.


Not once have Customer Support Ambassadors helped in doing a Trace of where our Payouts are, nor put us into contact with ABB Finance/ Payouts which should have been undertaken when I first raised this matter back in September 2022.




@Stephanie @Quincy @Emilie @Brian @Catherine-Powell 

@Sybe @Airbnb @Jenny @Francesca @Noriko 


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I have a problem with my last air bnb reservation. my payment was never sent. From the first moment I realized that, unlike other occasions, he never receives a confirmation request, and in the applications he continues in transactions to be carried out. From that day I called air bnb and they told me that I have to wait at least the 7 working days that it requires. although I knew that it was never sent. Later they made me remove the payment methods and re-register them, which took a wait of 2 business days. Now it's been almost a month since the payment and the only answer is that I have to keep waiting. I speak Spanish and English perfectly and I have also noticed that when I answer the line in Spanish they are much ruder.




Hi Nick


I have been a host for over a year and  received a 60 day booking and the  payout has not been sent. They are saying for an unspecified reason that my payment is o hold and are referring my matter to a specialist team. I have not heard anything from them and have not received any money. I have already opted for paypal and a delayed payment has never happened to me before.


Any help or assistance would be great!

We are having the same issue. No payout and we are being referred to a “dedicated team” who should assist us.  This looks like a recurring issue. 

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Fethiye, Turkey

I have been renting my house through Airbnb for 2 years, so far I have had about 15 guests and the notification that all of them have been paid is sent via e-mail the day after the check-in day and deposited in my account within a maximum of 2 days on weekdays.

but I'm having a problem with a reservation. On September 1, guests checkin the house. On September 2, airbnb sent me an e-mail saying that the payment was made and it would come to my bank in a few days.  I waited 3 days and my payment did not come. But on September 2, the payment of another reservation was deposited into my account without any problems.
On September 5th, another guest made check-in to my another home with the same airbnb profile and the same bank details that I rented. I'm still waiting for the other payment to be deposited in my bank. On September 7, the fee of the guest who entered on September 5 was deposited into my account without any problems, but the amount of the guest who check-in on September 1 still did not arrive in my account.


When I asked for support from the help department, I was told that the payment had been made, but when I spoke to my bank, it was stated that no such payment was made, there was no pending payment and there was no such money transfer request. I think that the money transfer notification was made to me on September 2, but it was not processed or a payment order was given by payooner, but for some reason the payment was returned and it was not followed up. it is now 3rd of october and it has been 28 days since the day when my money should have been deposited in my account normally. Airbnb support team is very reluctant about this. Frankly, nothing can be lost right physically. And that money is sure to be somewhere. A little inspection can track the money's position and solve my problem, but airbnb isn't too keen on solving it.

If you are not going to support us, why are you in that position? Even though I have said dozens of times that I want an update on the situation, you still do not help us even though I have received the money. You know very well to ask for it when something important to you or when you need to get money. Please solve this problem now and help us.


 I can't pay my employees' salaries and equipment. I'm stuck.
normally I was supposed to receive my money on average on September 4-5 for this reservation, I present my account transactions from my own bank as proof to your help team.

I received the payments of other reservations before and after this reservation to my same bank account without any problems.


They expect me to take all the responsibility and financial management made a mistake by Payoneer or Airbnb accounting department, even though I am the smallest collaborator in this trade.I call different Airbnb support teams every day to fix this problem and I explain the problem for minutes and they are saying to me just "you should wait". It's easy to say wait to me, but when I tell the people working in my business I'll give you your money next month, they stop doing my job. or I need to buy the necessary equipment with credit and how do I pay for them. I am not a big business and how can I afford all my expenses? Every person I talk to says they understand my problem, but no solution is produced.

This is a very basic suggestion, that you may have already tried, but for me, it was the fix that got the money into my account...  Navigating, go to Account > Payments and Payouts > Payouts... scroll down to "How You Get Paid" to see your bank account on file. Does is say "DEFAULT"? If it does not say "DEFAULT" by Bank Account, click the edit button and make this bank account your default account.


One day, out of the blue, after about 2 years working with airbnb, our bank account was suddenly no longer marked default, and all of our payments were held up in processing.


I recognize your issue is slightly different, but I can see your distress and wanted to help however I could.

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