Payouts problems

Payouts problems

Dear colleagues, I am a host from Panama and have been working with Airbnb for the last couple of months. I was working fine, all documents were sent including the registration of my business. On Oct. they sent me a notice that I have to sent the registration of my business, which I did, again. On Oct. 28 they stop the payouts. I have called them and sent them messages but they say that they dont know the reason why my payments are on hold. I have gone through several "super host customer service rep" with no luck, and after some time they just send me a message that because they can no longer help me, they will close the case. I had to close my dates for bookings as I am not receiving my payouts, but commissions has been deducted. The worst thing is that no one has been able to give me a reason and that is what bothers me. Additionally, the reps that close the case because they can not solve it, is like they have a Productivity Index that is being affected because the case is open, so they just close it. Did you have such a problem and what would you recommend to do? Thank you very much in advance for your support!

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Hello @Elias211 ,

I understand that not getting answers would have been pretty cumbersome for you. I will ping the relevant team about your issue and try to have some answers.


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Thanks Bhumika as this is really frustrating not getting proper answer. One of the CS told me that I have to wait…. “One day you will get paid”.

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Elias this problem sometimes affects entire countries [Ukraine, Belarusia etc, sanctions/ war] other times individuals; is more common that you think; 'often is based on ID/ confirmation/ and glitches too' Please have a read here, and you might learn more: 

They requested pictures of my ID which I sent when I joined AirBnb a couple of months ago. After reading the link you sent it seems that this will be a waste of time and I will have to forget about my money.

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Airbnb CS usually can not solve payout problems, they have to forward the issue to the Financial Department, which can not be reached directly and responds very slow (or not at all).

Did you receive a message your issue was forwarded to a "specialised team" ? If you have pending payouts in Transaction History and you have a valid payout method active, then contact Airbnb CS again and ask (demand)  a release of the payouts. Sometimes using Twitter can bring more efficient help  (account: AirbnbHelp)

Thanks for your feedback. Yes, they have been telling me that they have escalated the issue and they are closing the case while the “specialists “ resolved the issue. What bothers me is that there is no reason on why they are holding my money. I will follow your advise and use twitter and see if I can get my money. 

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