Quebec/ Canada taxes being collected by airbnb July 1st

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Quebec/ Canada taxes being collected by airbnb July 1st

Hi, As you probably know, airbnb announced that they would start collecting taxes as of July 1st. The first email I received explained that they would wether you have taxes numbers registered or not. Then when you go on their site, it says that they will not perceive and remitt taxes  if you entered you tax numbers/ therefore you will have to keep remitting yourself. Already confusing and no one seems to be able to clarify at airbnb who is perceiving and remitting. Then when I search on site as a guest, the $$ show on the map and image of my properties are 15% higher than waht I sell it for. When you click on the property , the sell amount is   as per my set amount plus fees including taxes that I perceive and remitting already calculated and there fore excluding the additional taxes that airbnb adds on the map amount . The amounts on map and property have the 15% difference on 95% of the properties I checked from other owners/ hosts. When I contacted airbnb to tell them about the discrepancy and that the advertised amount on the map was false and that I would loose business, they told me the map amount is an estimate ans then when you click on your selection it is the right amount. There is no problem. I asked if according to them a consistent 15% difference from the estimate and right amount is acceptable, I was told it is. I did have a booking yesterday where guest paid the amount indicated on my property site and not on the map. The map being the search tool , this does not make sense. Anybody elase has the same issue or spoke to someone who actually understands the situation at airbnnb?

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Community Manager
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Hi @Nathalie1843


Did you get to the bottom of this since you posted, or do you need more help? 


@Annie1372 I seem to recall there were some talks about this from some French-speaking Hosts in Canada recently, are there any insights or info you might be able to share back with Nathalie? 




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