airbnb not responding

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airbnb not responding

Hi, I have two aircover damage claims issues that have been open for months now and I can not get them resolved. When I call they tell me they will call me back but they never do. They always say they have passed my case on to a supervisor and then I never hear from them again. Is there any email I could use to contact them? What do people do in cases like this?

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Hello @Anja-and-Joel0 ,


Sorry to hear this. Let me nudge the concerned team for you and check if there has been any progress. I hope there is some resolution soon.



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@Anja-and-Joel0 You could try contacting via Twitter or just accept that they have no plans to pay out. Given that Aircover is not a proper insurance policy there is no ombudsman and no way to go to court as it is clear in the Ts and Cs that Airbnb pay out (or not) at their discretion.


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