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    My payout was paused since September, Ive been calling airbnb super host support almost every week and they cant give me an answer. They keep saying call back or we will contact you. I uploaded the Id that they needed. Im losing patience and hope to get m... Latest reply by Bhumika
    Hi,My payouts are paused since 3 weeks. I called Airbnb many times and was told higher department is looking into it. All my business info and account information is up to date. I have been hosting since 8 years now. I am in extremely stress now since fir... Latest reply by Sudsrung0


    Hi there please if anyone can help, we have various listings on airbnb, the account may have been set up originally in error, i.e under an individua, motherless, we saw an e mail form AIRBNB late early jan requesting confirmation of a few things, we saw t... Latest reply by Simon3539
    Airbnb has stopped all payouts because of verification, but the link to upload documents shows everything is completed. I have tried calling many many times, but nobody can tell me what documents are missing and how to upload additional documents. No resp... Latest reply by Sybe
    Is it possible to change my payout billing country to use PayPal as a payout method? I am from Kazakhstan, Airbnb doesn't include PayPal as a payout option here. I have some difficulties with International Wire and Payoneer seems to be long to set up and ... Latest reply by Muslim4