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I have accepted a guest and before arriving they mentioned that they are bringing an extra guest. My profile does say that each extra guest will be $20. The guest is asking me what will be the extra fee. How will they pay me or how to make the adjustments... Latest reply by Mike-And-Jane0
For many years now, we have NOT accepted guests for stays of 1 night only. This is stated clearly in the listings on Airbnb.Despite this, there has been a spate of reservations made this year by Airbnb for guests who are booking for 1 night. In the past f... Latest reply by Veronica-Of-Excel-Proper0
i have a apartment in a good place, a lot of restaurants, shops around here, 2 rooms on the 5th floor, but there's a problem that in this that this apartment doesn't have elevator so you have to climb 5 floor to get in, i don't know can i do airbnb with t... Latest reply by Thành0