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There's a big problem with Airbnb hosts being denied PPP loans on the basis that no Airbnb host qualifies. Both the state SBA and the National SBA said airbnb is not included for PPP loans, and I don't believe this to be correct. In fact it's my understan... Latest reply by Leslie79
I am trying to give a full refund to a guest. I receive this messageI just clicked on full refund The specified refund amount (10804.48) is greater than the available guest cancellation refund (10804.47) in currency MXN. I tried to do a partial refund, b... Latest reply by Ginny92
I have a guest for 26 days, and for the first time I didn't get paid immediately. In fact, it showed upcoming the day they checked in, the following morning, it disappeared from the transaction history (nothing in upcoming and future, but acknowledges th... Latest reply by Louise0
Hi everyone!I have been hosting since November and love it. I have a cleaner who does a really great job but even when I tell her to just do a hospitality clean (sheets/floors/trash and wipe down surfaces) she charges me $140! Even if the place is already... Latest reply by Helen3
I have been waiting five days for a definitive response to my July 13 phone call regarding the missing $543 payout for a July 1 check-in. It's been over two weeks since I should have received my money. Now, I also have two more issues. I received an incor... Latest reply by Fabio1107
We thought the costs for services is 15% and for the host 6%. We see now that this is higher? We had a reservation request and the guest asked why the price was so different the second time when he was trying to book? We looked at the invoice and saw not... Latest reply by Mike-And-Jane0