Critique my listing, Linda Richmond va

Critique my listing, Linda Richmond va



I’ve been told my listing is very good but my booking conversion rate is awful .3%. I don’t get it. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Community Manager
Community Manager
London, United Kingdom

Hi @Linda3788, just wondering whether you've seen all the feedback here 🙂

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Level 10
Takoma Park, MD

@Linda3788 Somehow your listing is on AirBnB in the UK? For me, prices are showing in pounds. 


Other than that, it is very sterile. You definitely need a coffee table, some side tables, and perhaps a throw rug or two. 

Some of your photo captions are very strange: we added another chair? 

Also, you mention in your listing that you went to the added expense of buying mattress covers? As a host, you buy mattress covers and don't mention it. It's kind of a minimum standard of hosting. 

There are also a few typos in your description. 

It's a nice house and you're almost there. I'd focus on who you think your target audience is and tweak the listing to appeal to that demographic. 

Good luck,


Level 10
Lusby, MD

@Linda3788 Living room doesn’t look comfortable at all. I suggest adding coffee table, end table(s) and lamp(s). 

Level 10
Swannanoa, NC

@Linda3788   Sleeps 6, but only has seating for 4 at the table, silverware for 4 in the drawer, two recliners and no coffee table, two chairs on the porch…it just doesn’t seem to have the necessary furnishings. It also gives off a very austere vibe; no personality. 

Level 10
Victoria, Australia

@Linda 3788 I think one issue for those wanting to book linda , would be that the fees attached especially the cleaning fees will more than double the daily fee. Although your furniture is white you allow pets . i personally would feel that to be uncomfortable and that you might consider your guests to be not very clean . Also you book per night without either a two or three night minimum . People do not mind paying a large cleaning fee for a long stay so make sure your weekly stays have a decent discount applied and maybe reduce your cleaning fee and add an extra guest fee. The perfect number of guests is four . Add an extra fee for each extra guest .Also maybe the picture of the exposed wall with the washer dryer gives the impression that the house is not finished. Some guests have said that there are no footpaths or area for their dogs to play outside so if this is untrue then clarify in your pics. Maybe add a pic with a dog , but I would say the main issue is a doubling of cost due to that very high cleaning fee even for a single guest .I think your place is great and a few tweeks ought to get you back on track . H

Level 10
Bristol, United Kingdom

Why is a conversion rates awful for your type of listing in your area @Linda3788 ?

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