Guest request long term 90 day stay from another country is this a scam

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St. Petersburg, FL

Guest request long term 90 day stay from another country is this a scam

I had a request/inquiry for a 90 day stay (approx 23,000. 00) they have no reviews and are from another country. I’m of corse YES!$$$ but I have not accepted something is telling me it’s a SCAMMER. Has anyone else had this experience?

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Placencia, Belize

If too-good-to-be-true, move with caution.

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Hay Valley, Australia

@Joel1150yes, it's a scam. they are targetting you because they think you are new, your listings say you are new.

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Rawai, Thailand

If you dont communicate with them you will never know,

Depending on where it's coming from some people maybe applying for a long term visa then they need to show they have accommodation booked,

We used to get a few before covid especially with Chinese as they have to get an exit visa.

Lots of countries ask to see means of support,


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Irvine, CA

Since it is not an instant Book reservation, you have the opportunity to reach out to the guest prior to approval. I would do so and ask them some questions about themselves and the reason in which they are traveling, who will be with them, etc.

Also, prior to accepting the reservation (should you choose to do so) make sure they have their full name on their profile as well as an ID.As far as a scam, it could be. I've gotten a lot of bogus requests over the years for 30+ day stays, even 6 months sometimes, where they just submit a request then never respond, or try to pay outside the app, etc. However, I have also had legitimate long term stays from first time users who turned out to be great.

The best thing you can do is communicate and get a feel for the guest. If they don't respond, their answers seem odd, o0r they request to do something outside of airbnb policy, decline them. Better safe than sorry.

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England, United Kingdom

@Joel1150is it a booking request or an inquiry? If the latter its likely a scam, if the former then it might be true but just ask a few questions and you will soon find out.

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