How do I change my cohost to primary host?

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Phnom Penh, Cambodia

How do I change my cohost to primary host?

I won't be hosting the space from now on; my co-host will take over.


However, I cannot find out how to change my cohost to primary host - help please!

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Camberwell, Australia

3:27 PM
So if the current listing admin (current hosting company) added me for example, as a co-host can they then remove themselves, leaving me as the only profile owner?
I don't want to deactivate it, just change the person managing the profile/house listing


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3:28 PM
No. If they are the listing admin, they can remove you as a Co-host, but they are the listing owner.


3:30 PM
and they cannot make anyone else the listing admin?

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3:30 PM
That's correct.

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Rockingham, Australia

So I have set a listing up where I'm hosting it in my personal account & made the property owner co host. How do I change him to host & me to co host without starting up a whole new listing under their account & loose my superhost status & reviews please????

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Palmetto, GA

 If you go to the menu, then click on the listing. You will need to go to booking settings and go down to management and click on cohost. You’ll be able to click on the cohost and select make primary host. And hit confirm. 

Thanks For that, Does the new primary host get to keep all the reviews and ratings?


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England, United Kingdom

@Jim1491 There is no need to have an unpleasant conversation with the minimum wage support team. They do not make the rules so have no attitude to break them (unlike Boris Johnson)

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San Lawrenz, Malta

Hi everyone, I just had an unpleasant conversation with someone from the support team. They say, the reviews belong to the account holder. No matter how hard the Co-Host worked to receive good reviews, he can not become the host and take over the same account. He has to open a new account. We have our house on several other platforms, where the transfer was no problem at all. good luck eveyone.

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Lewisburg, PA

I figured this out. If you can get to the page where it says:

1. Reservations, scroll to the bottom where it says on the left side "Explore your settings" Click that.


2. Once you click that, it takes you to your "listing details" where you can edit whatever you need. Scroll down - on the left side you will see a "co-host" link/option. Click it.


3. There it should give you the option to change the co-host to Primary.



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Čavle, Croatia

Hi, all.

I'm in similar situation, I have my son as a co-host and I would like to make him a primary host because I transferred ownership of apartment to him and he will be using his own taxID and bank account for payments.

If I understood correctly If we go thrue with this option we will lose superhost status and all the excellent reviews we got so far?

can we leave everything as is, on my name, him as co-host but just change taxID/bank account to his name for payments? is this doable/legal considering that we need to do KYC?


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Community Manager
London, United Kingdom

Hi @Abhay14 @David8573 @Liza2988 @Bev44 @Brenda223,


Sorry to see you've not received any reply on this one! The first comment on this thread explained how to do this: 


"Log on, go to Listings in the top navigation, click on your listing and select co-host in the navigation. Find the co-host and clicked on 'Make xxx the primary host'."  


If this doesn't work and you need more help, have you tried checking in with Customer Support? 


Let us know how you get on!




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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Hi Emilie,


We are in the same position as everybody else on this thread.  It seems to be an issue that Airbnb really need to sort out.  If we end up having to relist and start from scratch, I think it would make us move away from Airbnb...

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Kitchener, Canada

I did this recently and it made me primary but with none of the benefits - I didn't get the ratings and it didn't count towards superhost. Customer service confirmed the "listing host" cannot be changed. You would have to remake the listing or take Over their account ie their login 

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Gatineau, Canada

I also have done this. In March 2020 I was co hosting, but the primary host wanted stop be done for various reasons so I said I would take over. Unfortunately we followed the directions above and same results, I'm host, but don't have all the reviews still goes to former host, money still goes to former host This is frustrating!  Please fix! I don't want to cancel listing and loose all reviews/status! It would be 4 years worth of work gone!

AirBnB - can someone respond to these queries? I understand there will be legal checks needed to ensure the co-host owns the property (the same ownership checks that primary host goes through). However if this is done then what stops from switching co-host to primary host? Why can't someone from AirBnB answer this query that is clearly coming from many different people.


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San Diego, CA

I am the property owner and current Airbnb listing cohost. My property manager is the listing's primary host. I would like to simply switch roles (only of my property/listing) and make me the primary host and my property manager the cohost. Can anybody help me achieve this? I don't want to recreate my listing and/or lose my reviews. Does the fact my property manager manages other owner's properties complicate things? @Airbnb @airbnbcommunity-test 

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Pretoria, South Africa

I would also like to make my Co-host the Primary is this done!! Please advise


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Rawai, Thailand

me too.


from what I can understand you make someone your co-host, then make them the primary host.


Then you need to remove yourself from the listings/account. Is this possible?

Come on Airbnb!!! Please answer this.

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Kitchener, Canada

When will this be resolved? There is tons of demand I need it as well

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Weesp, Netherlands

Just like everybody in this thread, I need to become the official host and I can promote from co-host to primary host but still the listing will officially look like it's still my brother's. Has any of the previous people posting got this resolved by airbnb?

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Seattle, WA

did anyone get an answer on how to switch the account from co-host to main host without losing reservations, reviews, listing etc?

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Montevideo, Uruguay

I want to stop being primary host and cede it to my co host. Can i do it? I don’t want to re list and i also have a pending reservation we of course will honor

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