How to ask for listing critique on the Community Center

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London, United Kingdom

How to ask for listing critique on the Community Center


Hi everyone,


Welcome to the New to hosting board and I hope you’ve been finding lots of useful information, insights and advice from our community. One of the amazing things about this space is that those starting out on their Hosting journey can get a keen eye on their listing to work out those little niggles and considerations they may not have thought of just yet. We’re more than happy for you to share your listing for this purpose - here’s a guide on how you can do it in a way that makes it easier for your community to find and offer critique:


  • Name your topic “Critique my listing - (your name and where you’re from)” for example “Critique my listing - Stephanie in London, UK”.
  • Include your favourite listing picture in the post. This makes the topic stand out more, gives viewers a sense of the type of listing you offer and means your Community Management team can more easily highlight it to the rest of the community.
  • Share something about what your trouble might be at this point in your journey. This might be a lack of bookings, missing house rules, or even your custom URL.
  • Finally, post a link to your listing and add the tag on the thread “listing critique” and anything else you think is suitable, like the example below:



You can always ask any of your Community Management team myself, Quincy, Nick and Liv if you need help. And you can share a link to your Critique my listing topic in the comments section below too!


What’s your biggest worry with your listing at this point in your journey that you want help with?





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Rosharon, TX

Hi I’m Virginia674  

Please critique my listing. “Studio Apartment in Oyster Creek/ Freeport TX”. We are brand new to Air BnB. My property is a 12 unit apartment located very close to the chemical plants in Lake Jackson TX. Our target market is contractors in town on temporary work assignments for the plants. My minimum stay is 30 days. Any suggestions for that market would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Virginia Snowden 38DF7987-DCDF-4161-9B35-38D23CCBF356.jpegF39F44CF-A35F-4DD5-BD85-D57F42DCC40C.jpeg

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London, United Kingdom

Hello. Critique my Listing, Andrei, Malaga - Spain


Please I need some help with my listing, I recently added my house on AirB&B and I would love to know what else I can do to attract more quests.     66F761D3-A9BB-42FB-837F-7A06819057CE.jpeg 

Ionascu Viorel Andrei
Level 9
Kelseyville, CA

Oh! Silly me! I went ahead and "started a conversation" without realizing that you meant to ask for a listing critique here...  I'm such a dork...

Is it ok if I link that conversation here?
Thank you!!!


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Albuquerque, NM

Critique my listing Bethany Albuquerque NM. I have two listings. A tipi and a bell tent. I have not had bookings for the tipi yet. I have fiddled with pricing and discounts. I just moved to a higher simple pricing at 15% no guest fees.


Thank you for any feedback



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Albuquerque, NM

Also: Ivtried to make a new thread but honestly don't know how and can't figure it out. I'm not experienced with message boards, so sorry in advance if this is the wrong place to post.

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São Paulo, Brazil

Thanks a lot!

Level 2
Carcross, Canada

@Deepika11 We have found paying a bit for a Facebook Ad has boosted our business and helped us reach further from our local area. You can spend a minimal amount (you choose) and set your goals and spending limit quiet easily.
Also, we opened an Instagram account and shared our hashtag name with past guests and friends to tag us in their pictures around our Airbnb. 
Hope this helps you a bit 🙂 

Brent and Co.
Level 9
Kelseyville, CA

Wow... this sounds SO SMART!!! Thank you for sharing!!!


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Centennial, CO

Hi, My name is Deepika and we recently put our lake house in Northern California (Clearlake) on Airbnb. It has been two months and we have so far had a good experience hosting guests. We have a 5 star rating across all criteria and have so far received good reviews from our guests.


Now, with summer rush slowly coming down, we have not been getting as many bookings as we did earlier. I'd greatly appreciate if I could get helpful feedback about the listing and suggestions on we could improve to reach more guests. Thank you for your time!


Here's the link to the listing -





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Wickham Market, United Kingdom

Hi everyone

I'm a total newbie to this living in beautiful Suffolk

hoping to meet some lovely people coming to stay.

How are you all finding this.



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Prince George, Canada

Critique my listing

Level 10
Pensacola, FL

@Robin-and-Jacki0 I looked at your place....really nice - I think if you take time and look at some super host listings in different places you'll see examples that will assist you. Your description is really important, short, sweet and clear.

One thing that you might want to rethink is your so causally asking guests to wash the bedding/towels before they leave. Also, asking for $158 cleaning fee-  Really?  many will pass your listing after seeing that - or not seeing it and then what do you do, if you are expecting folks to do that. Many on vacation do not want to be doing laundry/esp. when they paid a cleaning fee - most of us consider the fee to have included the bedding/towels. I'd not stay there for that reason alone. And I'd venture to say, I'm not alone. 

The biggest thing I don't think you've realized is many guests will stain your bedding  (blood & body fluids/body gels etc. and sometimes wine/food stains) and I have found in 5 yrs. that unless you pretreat that bedding in a very special way depending on the stain those stains are permanent and you can not put stained bedding on your beds, no matter how clean you might think they are. Trust me on this one. Often guest will try to hide the stained bedding and if host are not vigilant that stain gets washed and the sheets are ruined forever...after the heat has hit the stain, its not coming out. Unless you own a bedding store/factory and plan on throwing out bedding often I'd rethink the wash bedding/towels  before you leave. 

Hope this is of luck & happy hosting

Looks nice!


The description is repetitive.


How about:


Welcome to Chez Carney. Centrally located in a quiet neighborhood (name?) just a five minute walk away to UHNBC hospital, a six minute walk to the more than 46 brand name stores at Parkwood Place, Hudson's Bay, many restaurants, and bus routes (what number/line? 10?). Three bedrooms, newly renovated, light-filled, private off-street parking, a fully-fenced backyard makes Chez Carney the home for families, pet lovers and digital nomads alike.
The space
Your home away from home has three bedrooms. Two of them have a queen bed; the third has a bunkbed. [BTW your listing says it has 5 beds but I see 4.]
Your kitchen is fully stocked with . . . [Tell me more about what 'fully stocked' means, name the appliances, and then say Ask for details.]
Your dining room seats six comfortably. Your  living room is cozy with a full leather sofa, comfy chairs and a large-screen TV [how big?] with access to Telus Optik, T.V. , Netflix and Prime. 
Your space has a full laundry room,  the only space which is shared with other guests.
Guest access
You'll have exclusive access to the main floor of the house and to your fully fenced backyard, which is equipped with picnic tables (how many, seating how many?), a playhouse, swings, a slide and a BBQ. [tell me more about grill: gas, charcoal, 22" etc]
No pictures of yard -- Why?
*  * * 
On the map part
You have:  Near Parkwood Place ( The Bay, Famous Players, Red Robin's, atmosphere, London Drugs, Staples. Near UHNBC Hospital.
How about: Distance (miles) to . . . then list each place and put miles in parenthesis, in ascending order, like UHNBC Hospital (1/3), Hudson's Bay (1), Red Robin's (1.5) etc,
Instead of: "There is free parking at Chez Carney for those who are driving. Those using Public transit there is a bus stop at the end of the block".   
Free off-street parking (x spaces). Bus route #10 stops at end of block. [You might tell me where that might take me.]
* * *
It would be nice to add your guidebook here.
-- Make sure you have pictures for each place [you can take a screenshot and then make it small at]
-- Say something about each place; make me feel your giving me the inside 'skinny'. Are they closed on Monday?  Expensive?  Worth it? What do you order there?
-- Say how close it is to walk or drive (might have two versions of the guidebook, one for each listing)
* * *
Other comments:
1) I love dogs and cats, but do you really want to open it up to that?  Some people are allergic and won't stay there. It is harder to clean; I know you have the $200 fee, but still.  Will those wood floors get cut up by nails?  What will happen to your upholstery?
2) Title has 3bedroom not 3 bedrooms.  Did you run out of space? [I understand]
3) You don't say anything about hosts.
4) I'm confused on the laundering of sheets requirement. You say:  " We also ask that you turn on a courtesy load of laundry by washing the sheets and towels prior to departure. This way the washing is done and the cleaning staff can focus on sanitizing and cleaning."
5) Is there music?  Like a HomePod mini?  Anything like that?
6) So do I just throw in washer ONE courtesy load and 'turn on'?  Will they all fit in at once?  [Overloading washers and dryers is what wears them out. Read about this.  ] Do you provide the soap?  If it takes more than one load, does guest have to wash ALL of it?  Dry it too?  Fold it?  It seems that if it's just one load then maybe it won't be that "This way the washing is done.  . " Confusing.
I think I'll stop here.  Good luck!  It really looks nice.
Level 1
England, United Kingdom

As a room host I am worried about security and- at the same time- how to be fair & welcoming to guests. I don't think I should give out keys as this is my home. Airbnb focusses on the protocols for  those offering whole homes for guests. If I am offering a room in my own home, is it ok to  insist on being be present when a guest needs to be in my home? Common sense says yes but I don't know how Airbnb stands on this and I want to know where I stand. Thanks!

Level 3
England, United Kingdom

@Louise1083 , I read your post and feels the need to reply to it. As you are offering  a  room in your house, it is going to be  virtually impossible to be at home all the time to let the guest in. They are in and out for most of the day and may come home at night, when you're already sleeping.  You don't really want to be doing that and the stress of it.

I am in the same situation as you, but I now have  house keys from  ULTION, which your guests cannot copy, except you. It is a bit expensive, but well worth it. I also let the guests know that they cannot copy it, and if it is lost, there will be a charge before replacement. 

Hope this helps. 

Good Luck @Louise 1083

Level 2
New York, NY

“Critique My listing”


Hi All, 

I am brand new to hosting; in fact today is our first day and would love your advice. 
I would very much appreciate it if you would critique our listing, so we can improve anything early




Level 2
Wilmington, NC

Please Critique my host and new listing.  I'm looking for some feedback as we continually refine the place.  We had huge interest when we first listed and we're getting views but not many inquiries in the last week... We appreciate any feedback.



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