Listing critique - Maria in Lawrence KS

Listing critique - Maria in Lawrence KS




Would appreciate your thoughts on our listing. We are brand new to this!

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Lusby, MD

Agree with @Mike-And-Jane0   Way too many guests. Rewrite rule regarding pets and be adamant. “Pets are not allowed on furniture or in beds.”  

BTW beautiful home. 

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England, United Kingdom

@Maria16515 It feels to me as though you are trying to fit far too many guests into your house. 4 bedrooms = 8 guests for me. Also, whilst hard to tell from the photos, you don't seem to have dining and seating capacity for 8 let alone 12. Finally can you really turn the house around in 4 hours or do you plan to block a day between guests? It may be your market demands 11am out and 3pm in but we have managed very successfully with 10am and 4pm.

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Community Manager
Terneuzen, Netherlands

@Maria16515 Welcome to Airbnb and to the Community Center! 

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