New Airbnb host

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Floral Park, NY

New Airbnb host

I'm looking to connect with an existing airbnb host who can help guide me with my current listing and help with the prices in my area

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Denver, CO

My name is Angel , and I like working in the real estate industry. I host guests on AIRBNB. When I meet new individuals, I like to introduce myself and observe as they start on their next trip.

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Hay Valley, Australia

@Surya33  hi there and welcome to the CC. 


Nothing beats good old fashioned research. Grab a cuppa and sit down at your computer and pretend you're a guest looking for places in your area. Search with parameters close to your listing, and look a bit further into the future so you get a better idea (as all the popular places will already be booked for the next 2 months). 


It probably would be handy for you to chat with a local host willing to mentor you, esp when it comes to city rules and regs. But FB groups will provide that, and YT has quite a few great channels devoted to hosting.  


If you're brave enough to ask for a listing critique you will get heaps of advice and tips from all the experienced hosts here. 🙂 

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Leeuwarden, The Netherlands



There is an Ambassador Program where Airbnb assigns starting hosts to a Superhost, but it is not clear to me  how this "connecting proces" works... :


You can also look for a host club in your area:

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Rawai, Thailand



Thats a bit much expecting another host to guide you,

There is a lot you can do like join a few FB groups,

Here on the CC there is a wealth of information

Also go to YT loads of video's there,

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Toronto, Canada

Hello @Surya33 ,

You can take a look at local Host Clubs to find information about local hosts who can give you area specific advises. As this Community Center is a global space, it can be hard to connect with local Hosts of a specific region. 😄
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