Who came up with the idea to remove prebook questions?

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Liverpool, United Kingdom

Who came up with the idea to remove prebook questions?

Seriously. It's like Airbnb are trying to sabotage hosts with every single update. I wonder how many thousands of hosts have turned off instant book

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Community Manager
London, United Kingdom

@Niraj2 I'm sorry to hear you're not keen on the recent Instant Booking changes, and thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about it here. I'll make sure your feedback arrives with the right people. 🙂

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Rawai, Thailand



I still have it turned on everything is working fine in Thailand even got a booking last night on IB so I know it's working

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Hay Valley, Australia

@Sudsrung0  no one said it's not working, and with fewer restrictions, i'm sure it's working... to get bookings. 


but for those of us who host locals, 1 nighters, last minutes, this can be an issue, esp if your listing is your home. 

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