Air BNB gift cards don't work

Air BNB gift cards don't work

Is anyone else having problems with redeeming $100 Air BNB gift cards? It is incredibly frustrating that they can't seem to fix their own platform to redeem their gift cards. It feels like a scam. Anyone else dealing with the same problem?

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This can happen for a number of different reasons.

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Hey Lady! If you type in gift card you will see this is a huge problem & nobody can figure out. I'd try to continue investigating & see if a community moderator can push this up the chain or take it to Twitter - there is an Airbnb Support/Help account there.

Thanks @Christina163 ! I was wondering if this continues to be a problem and looks like it is. Ridiculous! I have been on the phone or chat with customer service no less than 12 times in the last 3 weeks trying to get this resolved and the "engineers" do not appear to be making any progress. I have taken to Twitter, so if anyone is willing to comment on my tweet and try to get some attention for this issue, find my post under @**

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